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Stop Accommodating Unhealthy In Your Life (from great blog) April 26th, 2016

We know when we feel off, not right, and unhealthy. This can be physically or emotionally. Yet, we continue to accommodate and even accept the situation. Our body and mind can only take so much before it breaks. Sometimes we don't even realize this is happening until we are lying face down in our own hopelessness.

Other times, we are very aware of what's happening and we tough it out day after day. Another scenario where the body will take you down eventually. We can't out-fight a crappy mental or physical game. Stress is a killer and maintaining an unhealthy lifestyle is just as bad.

How often do you take inventory of your life? Are you accommodating joint pain and illness from eating unhealthy foods leading to being overweight? Are life's circumstances so stressful to the point of causing depression and anxiety? What's going on at home in your personal relationships? Is your home a peaceful sanctuary or a war zone? How about the job? Are you happy and doing what you've always envisioned or burdened by the thought?

We are meant to live a happy, healthy life. The unfortunate truth is we choose to accommodate unhealthy. We eat and drink things we shouldn't, become couch potatoes and drown in our own self pity. Isn't it time we stop accommodating unhealthy and start fixing the problem? If you don't know where to begin, ask for help. No shame or stigma about needing assistance sometimes. We've all been there. Society puts "shaming" on every human topic ad nauseam. If seeking help from a professional gets you on the right track, then go for it. I suggest an expert in the area of your struggle.

If you want to adopt a healthy lifestyle, consult with a qualified personal trainer, nutritionist, or registered dietition. Making a doctor's appointment to discuss your stress and seeing a licensed counselor or therapist may be helpful. Check out your local church and talk to a pastor. If the marriage is suffering, sometimes all you need is a little help from a licensed marriage and family counselor. You have choices!

What it boils down to is changing your life for the better. It requires recognition of the problem and a willingness to fix it. There is nothing healthy about accommodating unhealthy. You can either sit and wallow where you are, or put on your "fix-it" attitude. Straight talk in fitness love! Stay Healthy~


Make Time or Forget It (from great blog) April 20th, 2016

If I don't make time to get in a workout and let the day get away from me, it's easier to say forget it. Other things become a priority and being a high energy morning person, I dread afternoon workouts. It doesn't mean I skip it, but I somehow don't feel the same when I'm dragging. I'm determined not to let myself down and push through. It's on me when I miss my morning exercise appointment and my consequence is not feeling my best. My fault, I own it and learn from it.

There will be times when missing a morning can't be helped and that's acceptable. It's those days where "other things" seem to snowball into the afternoon and I'm left still needing a sweat session. I have learned to plan better, make time and not skip a workout. Without a plan, it's just a wish, right? Without making the time, it's not going to happen, right?

We go through life making so many excuses on how we don't have time. Really? I love that quote "someone busier than you is working out right now" and it's the truth. We must start owning our excuses and just say it's something we don't want to do. Now that's the beginning of a revelation. Why wouldn't you want to take time to take care of your health? What's so burdensome about moving your body for a few minutes and eating awesome healthy food? It's not about time at all, but your feelings toward working out and eating right. Honesty is always the best way to create change.

The continued truth remains if something is important to you, it gets done. Everyone has time to hit up daily social functions, watch hours of TV and surf the web but when it comes to one hour of exercise, the "busy button" rears it's ugly head. Give the offer of meeting for a drink, and suddenly a burst of energy occurs. Unfortunately an unhealthy epidemic is happening because too many people are "forgetting it." Those who exercise and eat right on a consistent basis are in the minority.

If we continue to not make time for exercise, we will eventually be making time for illness. The same applies to eating right because we are what we eat. No exercise and eating processed crap leads to problems and reality TV shows. This has become a horrible fact. Straight talk, but we need to start making the time!


When You Start Stopping is When You Start Getting Older (from great blog) April 12th, 2016

I heard this today and was immediately inspired. Think about how you feel when health and fitness aren't part of your life. Stressed, sluggish, ill and feeling old, right? When you start stopping is when you start getting older. I am talking on the cellular, emotional and physical level.

Fitness is the fountain of youth. If we don't make time for it, we will eventually be making time for illness. Our body ages daily, but there are things we can do to slow this process. Studies link eating healthy and exercise to longevity. I don't know about you, but I want to maintain the best body for life.

When we start stopping is the same as giving up. We get so caught up in believing fitness is a difficult process. We also become frustrated without instant results and begin shutting down. The negatives seem to outweigh the positives in our minds and ultimately lead to unhealthy choices.

You may believe the inability to lose 3lbs this week is a tragedy but how does that compare to someone who has lost a leg and still pushing? We all need to fight for our fitness. This comes in different ways for each of us, but stopping is not an option. As long as we are taking positive steps toward our health goals, changes are happening. Have faith in the unseen and hold onto daily progress. Strength comes from the inside out. Don't start getting old and crumpled, feeling sorry for yourself because you decided to quit.

Age is just a number but we also create how we feel at every age and circumstance. Stop and suffer the consequences of aging more rapidly or continue and enjoy the vitality of youth. Life is full of choices and we are ultimately responsible for the outcome that is within our control.


When it Comes to Fitness, Live Beyond Your Dreams (from great blog) April 5th, 2016

Fitness needs to stop being a dream we think about and start being an action we put into practice. There are so many factors getting in our way. Negative thoughts and self-defeat are high on the list. Using "too busy" as an excuse is another fitness barrier. Frustration not seeing instant results can cause us to wrongly think it will never happen.

We need to live beyond our dreams and realize we all have the potential to achieve success. Remaining positive in a negative world will be first on the agenda. No more downing yourself before even trying. "Busy" is a word used for people who really don't want it bad enough. Lastly, there is no such thing as instant results. Daily progress needs to become the focus.

Now, take action! Start by making a plan and sticking to it. Schedule your workouts, meal prep, stop eating fast food, and hanging out with negative people. You are responsible for your body and what it looks like. You want it? Go get it. This is called living beyond your dreams. Nothing is going to happen until you make it happen.

Fitness is a permanent lifestyle change not something that magically occurs. Time to wake up and stop dreaming. You can make healthy happen for you and that doesn't mean it will look like Peggy Sue or Dapper Dan. This is your journey, your body and your fitness. You will never look like anyone except your best healthy self when it's all said and done. Are you ready to live beyond your dreams? Straight talk but all in fitness love!


Stop Over Complicating a Simple Process (from great blog) March 31st 2016

The only hard thing about fitness is our negative thoughts. We convince ourselves a disgusting diet is needed and endless hours of exercise are required. We go as far as considering it a burden and a "cramp my lifestyle" occurrence. Instead of turning our nose up at the very thought of getting healthy, we need to stop over complicating a simple process.

Do you think people decades ago farming for a living to survive and working hard from sunrise to sunset worried about a diet? They may have spent hours doing physical labor, but it was life and eating healthy. Nothing complicated, just some sweat, and eating home cooking straight from the garden. Their bodies represented how they lived which unfortunately now is replaced by couch potato channel surfing and stuffing our faces with processed food.

Every nutrition source out there is going to tell you the same story about what is required. No need to jump from diet to diet searching for some secret. The problem is within our thoughts and unrealistic expectations. You want to lose 20 pounds in a week and look like a fitness model. Not going to happen. We also want the process to be an easy quick fix requiring no workouts and drinking magic shakes while remaining on our sofas. Wake up America!

Being fit and healthy is really simple. Eat greens, grains, lean meats, healthy fats, drink lots of water and exercise at least 3 times per week. Nothing hard about it and it's not a diet. Why is this process considered boring, tasteless, and the end of fun in life? Society and marketing have done a great job brainwashing people to believe a load of crap.

Eating a fresh organic crisp apple or perfectly grilled chicken breast are not what I call horrible. Are you kidding me? Remember eating celery stuffed with peanut butter? Now that's a healthy treat full of flavor and fun. Being fit will take tossing the food myths and getting real with your thoughts about health. It will also require you to move your butt off the couch and into the gym. Exercise is what you enjoy. Love basketball? Start playing. Enjoy dancing? Look into a Zumba class. I like to use the kids jungle gyms at parks and play around on those doing pull-ups, step-ups, and triceps dips for example. No more excuses or beliefs fitness is complicated and time to embrace the simplicity of the process. You can do it ... will you? All in fitness love and Stay Healthy!


Don't Fall for Fake Health Food (from great blog) March 17th, 2016

Health food marketing is big business and just so happens to put me on a ranting soap box. We have been hit hard with "no fat, no sugar", gluten free and now unhealthy organics are making headway. Whatever current health food trend is happening, food companies are figuring out ways to sell, sell sell. Come on now, organic Ruffles, Doritos and Cheese Puffs? Really!?

Even worse, consumers believe them to be healthy and loading grocery carts full of unhealthy organic food items. Chips are chips, organic or not and probably one of the worst things to put in your body. Other food items try to squeak by stating they are minimally processed, but processed is processed. Store shelves are lined with convenient organic items and granted some may be fabulous, but most are not. The ingredients tell the real story for anything in a box, bag or wrapper. If you can't understand or pronounce what's on the ingredient label, you better believe it's a chemical sh*t storm.

Many fitness enthusiasts rely on protein and energy bars. Have you looked at those labels? You just as well picked up a Snickers Bar. Health bars are also available in organic versions now but does it make them any better? Probably pesticide wise, but nutrients remain the same. Rely on the ingredient label and look for understandable quality food. Less ingredients is more when it comes to packaged products.

We can't fall for fake health food marketing schemes anymore. Eating a bag of organic chips post workout isn't muscle recovery food. Reaching for that energy bar may not be the best choice, and forget the organic pasta. Real organic food is just that ... real in it's raw state. Sometimes organics can even look ugly with blemishes and it ripens quickly. We need to get back to and understand real and whole organic food is what will keep us healthy. We obtain optimal fitness, improved athletic performance, fat loss and muscle gain when we feed our body the good stuff. Just because the label says organic, fat free, gluten free or any "free" doesn't mean healthy. Be a wise shopper and eat what you understand. Keep it real and Stay Healthy!


Karma Does Apply to Your Fitness (from great blog)

Karma basically means whatever you do will come back to you. So, if you're doing good things, good things happen in return and vice versa. The whole reap what you sow philosophy. I happen to believe in karma and it helps me let go of things out of my control when it comes to others. The thing about karma is there are consequences to treating others and yourself badly. It will eventually come back to bite you in the butt. If you are avoiding your health, eating poorly, and living a sedentary lifestyle, well guess what? I call that karma fitness.

Being lied to for example sucks and speaks more about the person doing the action, but guess what ... karma. Are you lying to yourself about your fitness and treating your body badly? Are you stumbling for reasons, excuses and validation for your behavior? Do you really want to eventually suffer the consequences of bad ju-ju all over your fitness? We may not be able to control other people, but we can sure control our own karma when it comes to getting healthy.

You get what you give. Your body wants to be treated well, fed right and exercised regularly. You have a trusting relationship with your body and want that to remain intact. Becoming self-absorbed by not providing the TLC your body is worthy of will do nothing but destroy a once healthy relationship. Then there are the ugly consequences. Your body will definitely let you know it's being treated like crap. Increased stress, illness and obesity are just a few ways bad fitness karma will come calling. It's time to get real with yourself and start doing the good your body needs and deserves. Straight talk but all in fitness love! Be well and Stay Healthy.

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Complaining? How's that Working for You... (from great blog)

We all complain from time to time and that's called life, but what about when it interferes with our fitness? What good does it do to constantly complain, be unhappy and bring on a full "Debbie or Dave Downer" attitude without being willing to change the situation? It's like a leaky faucet we watch drip all over the place, complain about it but refuse to fix the darn thing. Too many people are complaining and not doing, and seriously, how's that working for you?

Complaints only go so far and then the radio gets turned off. Who wants to continually listen to a self-bashing session when the outcome is always the same. Getting fit and maintaining a healthy body starts by stopping the complaints and getting to work on fixing the problem. The extra fat on the gut or butt isn't going to disappear on it's own no matter how much complaining comes out of your mouth. What will help is putting the negative energy (complaints) into positive action.

Start by ditching the complaints, accepting who you are right now and apply strategies to make you feel better about yourself. Get serious about your fitness by keeping a food and exercise journal. Use it to chart your feelings as well and if you have a complaint, write it in the journal and move on. Stop dwelling on the "wah wah" and steer your attention toward eating healthier. Instead of sitting on the couch downing beers after work, go for a walk for example. You will be amazed how small changes will eventually provide big results.

Stop complaining about not having the time. Really? We are all busy and there is someone busier than you working out or prepping healthy food right now. What's in your pantry? Is it filled with processed boxed foods and sugar cereal? What's going on in the refrigerator? Is it filled with salami, beer and cheez whiz? You get my point and I'm stressing to please clean-up the food because a large percentage of your fitness success is determined by what you put in your face consistently. When is the last time you exercised? Time to dust the fitness shoes off and get moving. You will burn some extra calories and feel great for accomplishing a great workout. Exercise is also linked to stress relief and increased self-esteem. Be willing to do what it takes, stop complaining and you know that old saying "sh*t or get off the pot" well it truly applies here. Straight talk but all in fitness love. Be well and Stay Healthy!


Stop Enabling Yourself (from great blog)

What comes to mind when you think of enabling someone ... healthy or unhealthy? The recent definition refers to providing help that perpetuates a problem rather than fixes it. You know, the reasons and excuses we make to justify a person's behavior or actions even sacrificing our own health and well-being in doing so. It can develop into such dysfunction where we actually believe we are helping a situation. "The reality, though, is that enabling not only doesn't help, but it actively causes harm and makes the situation worse." When an enabler steps in to help an addict for example, they take away their motivation and desire to get help or change. According to Psychology Today, "enablers help addicts dig themselves deeper into trouble."

What does this have to do with fitness? Well, it happens to pertain quite a bit to health and fitness. Are you making excuses and justifications not to start a fitness program? Not the right time? My spouse is keeping me fat? My friends sabotage me? Lying to family and friends about a "fake" fitness program? What unhealthy beliefs do you create preventing you from getting fit and why are you enabling that? This is my point and yes, I strongly disagree with enabling behavior. It is time to stop enabling yourself. Being a healthy and fit person will take breaking the cycle of enabling.

When you stop enabling unhealthy behavior, you will see an improvement in your mental game, motivation to exercise and eating right. Continuing down a path of excuses will only make things worse and illness will eventually come knocking at your door. We have only one body and playing around thinking our behavior will not come back to bite us in the backside is well, negligent. Life is too short to entertain enabling behavior further and it is time to make a shift toward healthy decisions. We can no longer hide behind our justifications that keep us digging a deeper unhealthy hole. I know this is an in-your-face blog, but it is also what I call tough fitness love. So, are you ready to stop enabling yourself and get serious about your health and fitness?


A Quick Fix is Like Using Duct Tape for Fitness (from great blog)

Duct tape is awesome, but it's not meant to last. In a pinch, the strong stuff can fix things temporarily but doesn't quite do the trick long term. If you want something repaired right, it takes the right tools and materials, agreed? Quick fixes are the same as placing duct tape all over your fitness. Speaking personally, I don't want a short-cut but a permanent solution to staying fit.

Unfortunately duct tape fitness is the most popular route for most people and as the sticky starts wearing off, it reveals what still remains ... an unhealthy body. The tape removal is painful and frustrating, but somehow the roll gets pulled back out and the ducting process begins again. Temporary happiness but what a yo-yo ride.

It's time to toss out the tape and get real with what it takes to fix things right. Our healthy lifestyle tool box should contain things like dumbbells and jump ropes along with lean proteins, good carbs, and healthy fats. Other great add-ins are motivational sayings, music, and awesome fitness clothes. Probably one of the best tools pulled out of the box is a fitness accountability journal.

There are no short-cuts to where we want and need to go. Duct tape has no business in our fitness and lifetime journey of being healthy. We should not be covered in a sticky mess revealing yuck on the inside when the tape is pulled back. Our society needs to stop embracing the quick fix as any type of healthy remedy because that is crap. What needs to happen is building a strong toolbox we can carry for a lifetime and daily use of the contents. Be well and Stay Healthy!


Make Time or Forget It (from great blog)

If I don't make time to get in a workout and let the day get away from me, it's easier to say forget it. Other things become a priority and being a high energy morning person, I dread afternoon workouts. It doesn't mean I skip it, but I somehow don't feel the same when I'm dragging. I'm determined not to let myself down and push through. It's on me when I miss my morning exercise appointment and my consequence is not feeling my best. My fault, I own it and learn from it.

There will be times when missing a morning can't be helped and that's acceptable. It's those days where "other things" seem to snowball into the afternoon and I'm left still needing a sweat session. I have learned to plan better, make time and not skip a workout. Without a plan, it's just a wish, right? Without making the time, it's not going to happen, right?

We go through life making so many excuses on how we don't have time. Really? I love that quote "someone busier than you is working out right now" and it's the truth. We must start owning our excuses and just say it's something we don't want to do. Now that's the beginning of a revelation. Why wouldn't you want to take time to take care of your health? What's so burdensome about moving your body for a few minutes and eating awesome healthy food? It's not about time at all, but your feelings toward working out and eating right. Honesty is always the best way to create change.

The continued truth remains if something is important to you, it gets done. Everyone has time to hit up daily social functions, watch hours of TV and surf the web but when it comes to one hour of exercise, the "busy button" rears it's ugly head. Give the offer of meeting for a drink, and suddenly a burst of energy occurs. Unfortunately an unhealthy epidemic is happening because too many people are "forgetting it." Those who exercise and eat right on a consistent basis are in the minority.

If we continue to not make time for exercise, we will eventually be making time for illness. The same applies to eating right because we are what we eat. No exercise and eating processed crap leads to problems and reality TV shows. This has become a horrible fact. Straight talk, but we need to start making the time!


No Matter What You Do, It's Still About the Lifestyle  (from great blog)

Trying to achieve the so-called "perfect" body causes people to take drastic measures whether from detox cleanses, extreme caloric restriction, surgical change of normal organ function, to outward cosmetic procedures. All those methods don't mean a thing if a healthy lifestyle is left out of the equation.

No matter what you do, it's still about the lifestyle. Extreme measures without learning how to buy, cook and eat healthy foods combined with regular exercise will be wasted time and money. If you are currently doing one of those popular restricted calorie shake diets and the end of that program comes...what then? Let's say you have had some fat cells sucked out and after surgery you are still hitting the pizza and donuts...what then? If you have had a stomach organ band placed and still continue to eat fries and drink soda...what then? The point is what have you learned? The point is you will return to the weight and size (or larger) than you were prior to going drastic. This write is not to be judgmental or offensive, but to open your eyes to what it means to get healthy. Nothing inside a packaged shake mix or on an elective surgery table is going to provide health and fitness. What will create health is your daily choices about food and exercise and creating a habit that becomes a lifestyle.

The belief that quick fixes can stand alone to create the hot body of your dreams is a fantasy. If product companies or surgeons are telling you drinking some magic or getting something snipped will do it, they are wrong and I will go as far as to say negligent in feeding you a load of BS. Are you really so impatient to not gift yourself the time to learn how to eat right and enjoy awesome workouts? This is what it will take to get healthy and the desire is there, otherwise you would not be seeking out a way to get results. Regardless of what you do, you will need to maintain it with a healthy lifestyle.

If you are serious about getting fit and staying healthy, it is time to slow down and realize you will need to make changes in how you think and live. I would grab a piece of paper and begin a healthy lifestyle list. What are some simple things you could do right now to get you motivated and moving in the right direction? Build on your list and follow-through with your thoughts. Short-term goals could be replacing processed foods in your house with healthy selections, adding exercise 3 times per week, or losing 5lbs. Realize a healthy lifestyle is about daily progress and not perfection. Be patient, don't compare to others, and celebrate each daily victory!


Don't Bite Off More than You Can Chew (from great blog)

The thing about getting healthy is doing a good job balancing both healthy eating and exercise. Nutrition plays a huge role in the equation and eating too much is off the charts for a large percentage of the populous. Portions are out of control and people are literally biting off more than they can chew. Super-sized plates draped with enough food to feed an army are common in restaurants and don't get me started on the "all you can eat" buffet.

I love the famous quote "eat to live, don't live to eat" because this gold nugget of information is absolutely true. This is not saying to not indulge occasionally and doing so in proper portion size is not going to break our fitness banks. However, stuffing our faces to the point of having to roll to the sofa in a food coma is an upsetting example of living to eat.

Calories people! What it comes down to is the basic science of chemistry and calories. When we eat too much, fat is stored. Eat too little, weight is lost. Eat just right and we maintain. Sounds like the "Three Little Bears" but you get the drift. The quality of calories are also important. We may eat "junk food" in very small portions and within the calories great for our body, but our inside would look like crap. Further, we would feel like crap. This is called being "skinny fat".

When calories from quality "real" food are consumed at the right portions for our body, then health is realized from the inside out. However, eating too many calories from healthy foods will result in weight gain if we are taking in more than we are burning off. It would be more difficult of course if most of our carbs came from veggies, but let's say we are chomping down tons of oats, wheat pasta, brown rice and yams...well now that's a whole different thing.

Size does matter when it comes to any food we eat and biting off more than we can chew is not good regardless if the calories are coming from healthy or unhealthy sources. Portion control is one of the old new secrets to achieving a healthy body. Nothing magic to shutting our mouths at the "food trough" when we feel satisfied. Start paying attention to portion size, don't go back for seconds, and listen to body signals of satiety.


Works For Me (from great blog)

What works for me may not work for you. That's awesome! Why, because we are all different people accepting our strengths and weaknesses. It is important to grab onto the things we can do, and perform at our best not holding anything back. Acceptance of who we are and celebrating our strengths is essential for our health and fitness. I forgo push-ups for example because they will aggravate my neck injury, but put me on a chest press and I am good to go.

It could be easy to sulk back into a corner and cry over spilt milk and my loss of certain athletic abilities, but what would that do for me? Nothing. Life has given me a great purpose and a strong will to fight for my fitness. I have good and bad days just like you. Over several years of training, I have come to really enjoy what I can do through modification of workouts, and creative challenge in program development. I do what works for me and it's fabulous.

It is important to never give up hope and know you can achieve great things, reach your goals and DO what it takes to get there. I found what works for me and each of us has the ability to find their strong and put it to work literally. It doesn't matter how long it takes because life and fitness is all about the journey. The important thing is walking it, putting aside fear, letting go of a "failure" attitude, and embracing who you are right where you are.


Giving Up is Never An Option (from great blog)

We all have hard stuff in life, frustrations, and days we just want to keep our heads tucked under the pillow. The thing about life and the journey is navigating through everything with our best healthy responses, attitudes, and choices. I am not immune to feeling the tough in life and even in my workouts. There are days I want a trainer to kick my butt and push me when I struggle with lack of motivation. Not every day goes as I had planned and nutrition can also take a hit. Some days, I am just tired, burned and do have to take a step back and away from the gym. All that is OK and in my opinion, normal. This afternoon, I chose to take an Epsom salt bath...there ya go!

Life is not challenge free and success comes from how we handle the discomfort. Building muscle is an uncomfortable process for example, but I push through to achieve a positive result. Goals are achieved through planning and working. I have put in years of hard work to get the results I wear in the form of muscle. Tired or not, giving up is never an option. As long as I give my best for me, no matter what that looks like, it is good enough. Today, my best came through taking an Epsom salt bath and right now my sore muscles are saying ... thank you.


My Genetics, Muscle and Eating LOTS of Carbs (from great blog)

To this day I dislike the "skinny" word and believe me, I have had my share of teasing until I discovered how to build curves with resistance training. I have my Dad's genetics and I am thankful, but it has been a challenge to put on muscle. I am also constantly hungry and burn up energy like crazy so if I do not eat lots of carbs, I would not feel good and in fact, light headed. My metabolism seems to work faster than I can fuel it and it can be frustrating. Some say they can just look at food and gain 5lbs whereas if I look at food, my metabolism says let's burn it up. I will not workout if I feel hungry and prefer to down a healthy meal before hitting the weights.

I just so happen to be one of those people on the other side of the spectrum that works hard to put weight on and fattening up with crap to be "skinny fat" is not what I am looking for. My goal is to pack on lean muscle mass and that is done eating quality healthy carbs, lean proteins, and healthy fats. I have been the brunt of online attacks for looking too skinny, too thin, manly and even have had anorexic tossed my way. That has been overshadowed by my followers who enjoy seeing a woman with muscle on her build and knowledge that anorexics are unable to sustain lean mass because their body is wasting away using it for energy. This blog is not about any "hate" thing because that goes along with being an Internet personality and putting myself out there to help people. My skin is thick and my knowledge is confident and that is what matters. Also, this personal share is to dive into how my body functions and what I do to maintain my muscle.

Genetics do play a small role in our physical appearance, but we absolutely have the power to change things by what we eat and how we challenge our bodies. I work hard and eat (a lot) to support that. I don't believe in diets nor do I teach that in my personal training practice. Just because some genetics may predispose obesity doesn't mean that we are to accept it and not even try to be a healthy person. The same goes for lean genetics like mine. We are all in this boat together with differing body types and how they function. Regardless of our body makeup, it is important to put up a fight for what we want and not give up.


Did You Eat Too Much: 12/2/15

Okay, so Thanksgiving just past, did you eat too much?  If you are like most Americans you probably have.  You are angry with yourself by this point most likely, and have lost motivation in your program.  What do you do now?

Youíre going to fall of the wagon from time to time you are human after all.  The trick is to own it, reset your goals, and get back on track going forward.  Donít beat yourself up, donít get down, rather get back on the horse.  Part of achieving results you desire is consistency in your diet/exercise program.  However, no that there will be setbacks and the better you can be about rebounding, the better and faster your results will be achieved.  So in short, get back on the wagon, and throw away the pies!


Top Five Worst Excuses not to Exercise: 11/21/15

1/Time-I know you donít have  time.  However, you have time to watch the Desperate Housewives and various other tv shows, if itís important enough you will find the time.

2/Too tired-Well how do you think that will improve without exercising.  Chances are youíll never feel completely like working out, but it must be done.

3/My ankle is bad, shoulder, etc-I know however, there are a million ways to workout, come on find one that doesnít perpetuate the injury.

4/The Kids-so what include your kids in your workout, they can be part of it.

5/Iím lazy-well at least your honest.  Now have the willpower to do something about it!


Diet Plans: 11/11/15

Every training program should also have a diet plan as well.  Here's an example for a caloric surplus:

Nutritional Recommendation

Client: X

Goal: Lean muscle weight gain

Program Overview: Caloric/Pro surplus

Caloric Intake goal: 3300

Protein intake goal: 175 g

Protein Sources recommended: lean beef, sirloin, salmon, tilapia, tuna, grilled chicken, eggs (white or whole), beans, whey protein shakes and or bars, cottage cheese, turkey

Carb Sources: pastas, breads, rice, yams, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, fruits and veggies,

Recommended snacks to increase caloric intake: trail mix, nuts, protein bars, readymade protein drinks, Tupperware items.

Program Prescription:  Our goal here it to gain lean muscle and to do so, we need to be in a caloric surplus.  Weíll try to keep food sources clean, but gaining body fat and muscle goes hand in hand, but weíll try to minimize the body fat gain.  Preparation is key, we recommend prepping meals on your days off and storing in Tupperware.  Spread your meals out throughout the day, and if possible track your kcal and pro intake.

Any questions always feel free to call!


How About this for a Transformation! 11/2/2015

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The Perfect Training Program: Oct 9 2015

Have you ever heard someone say, possibly a trainer or some sort of guru, that they have the perfect training program for you.  This program will work for anyone, and if you follow their program you will achieve all of your goals and get into the greatest shape of your life.  Have you heard such claims, Iím sure you have.

Well if you do hear such claims, RUN the other way.  The truth is that everybody is different.  What works for Mike may not work for Bob.  What works for Bob may not work for Sam and so on.  We all have different genetic makeups, different biochemistry, and our bodies will respond differently to different stimuli.  Some may achieve results faster than others, however, donít ever be sold on a cookie cutter program.

A true professional will personally tailor a program based on all of your individual characteristics.  So to make a long story short, as in most things in life, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


Why Work With a Personal Trainer: 9/29/15

I know, you can do it yourself, you donít need help.  However, are you in shape?  Do you look and feel the way you want to?  I know youíll get there when you have more time, but do you ever get there? 

Hereís the thing, maybe you know all about exercise and fitness.  Maybe you know exactly what to do and how to work and eat right.  However, are you?  If you are like most people I know probably not.  So what am I getting at?  One word, accountability.

We all get busy, and most times exercise and fitness get left on the back burner.  We always say we will get to it someday but never do.  Meanwhile we get further and further out of shape.  Thatís where the trainer can come it.  They will instill that accountability and enable you to have consistency in your workout program.  With consistency over time, THATíS how you get results.

So next time you catch yourself saying you donít need a trainer, take a look at yourself.  Are you where you want to be?


You Get One Body-September 18th 2015

Okay, Okay, I know.  Youíll quit eating bad someday, youíll also stop smoking, drinking, and other things that harm your body.  Sound like you?  I hear it all the time, especially from the younger generation that they donít care.  A lot of time they feel as though they are invincible and that they can do what they want to their body, when they want.  Well hereís the thing.

You get one body.  You canít trade it in for a new when you get older, and you canít switch it out with a friend, you get one body.  You will have that one body youíre whole life, and as I tell those younger folk, what you do when you are young can and will affect your health when you get older.  You get one body that will be yours forever, treat it like gold J


Lifeís Roller Coaster Ride: 8/31/15

Often times, Iíll have conversations with my clients, as in my opinion, being a good trainer is not just about the physical but the mental as well.  You have to learn to motivate, inspire, and finds what makes people tick.  One of my many speeches that my clients are sick of hearing is that of the roller coaster ride.

Life is a roller coaster.  Never get to complacent or satisfied at the top, because as sure as the sun will shine youíll be back at the bottom someday.  Visca versa, never get to low or depressed, because soon that upswing will come and you will be back on top.  So whatís the message?

Never get too low and never get too high.  Life can change at the drop of a hat, so never get to upset or depressed, and donít you dare ever be satisfied!


I Need More Protein, Supplement or food? 8/23/15

Okay, a question I get often, ďshould I use protein shakes?Ē  Do I need any supplements and if so what should I take?

Okay, hereís the scoop.  In my opinion, itís most beneficial to get all of the protein and dietary vitamins and minerals you need from food sources.  Itís the most natural form and in addition, youíll be gain the benefits of ingesting all of those micronutrients and vitamins that help to keep you healthy.  However, I do understand that itís not a perfect world, and sometimes itís hard to get everything from your diet, especially in a time crunch.

Although I do believe meal preparation is the key, if you are in a pinch, and only in a pinch, then I feel that protein shakes and supplements can be beneficial.  However, I would try your best not to rely solely on protein shakes and supplements.   To make a long story short, try to prep your meal and do the best you can to meet your macros through your diet.


Itís Like Brushing Your Teeth-August 17

Okay, I know, you missed your workout today.  Work was busy, the kids drove you crazy, and the dog went on the rug.  Youíll get it tomorrow right?

Does this sound like you?  Do you find yourself making excuses?  Think about it, have you ever been in the situation where youíre lying in bed, reading a book, watching tv or whatever and you feel yourself dazing off.  You donít feel like going to the bathroom to brush your teeth but you do it anyway right?  You know that if you donít your teeth will feel disgusting the next day.

Well exercise is the same way.  You are not always going to feel like doing it or having the energy for it, but just like brushing your teeth it has to get done.  Otherwise, just like your teeth, your body wonít feel right or as efficient the next day.

Moral of the story?  There will never be the perfect scenario to workout, but the bottom line is, just like your teeth, you have to get up and get it done!


Example of Exercise Prescription: August 8/9

Just an example of an exercise prescription protocol:

Client: Kenny M
Workout Plan: TBA
Injuries/Limitations: None
*Please consult your doctor before beginning any fitness plan.

Thursday workout: Push Muscles ie chest, triceps, delts/Cardio

a) Begin workout with light stretching of working muscles to be used
b) 15 minutes of steady state cardio on treadmill to raise body temp and to increase heart rate and blood flow.
c) Chest:
Barbell Bench Press: 3 sets/15 reps each
Flat bench dumbbell flys: 3 sets/15 reps each
Machine flys: 3 sets/15 reps each
D) Delts:
Front dumbbell raises: 3 sets/15 reps
Dumbbell lateral raises: 3 sets/15 reps
Machine shoulder press: 3 sets/15 reps
E) Triceps:
3 sets of tricep pressdowns/15 reps
F) 15 minutes more of steady state cardio

Top Five Exercises to Train Chest August 3, 2015

When training the chest, it is important to use a variety of angles ie incline, flat, and decline.  Try these exercises for great overall chest development:

1/ Flat dumbbell flys: get a nice wide stretch hits all the fibers in the chest

2/ incline dumbbell bench press: works the upper chest

3/ Flat barbell bench press: great for overall strength and mass of the chest muscle

4/ Pushups: still a favorite, great body weight exercise for the chest

5/ decline dumbbell flys: stimulates the lower chest


Top 5 Protein Sources July 29, 2015

We all know the importance of protein when training hard, but what are 5 good sources of protein.  By a top protein, we are talking about having all the essential amino acids, and having a good solid macro profile.

Number 1: Salmon or Talopia: Great clean source of protein, low carb, low calorie, great for dieting.

Number 2: Grilled Chicken: Great amino acid profile, low fat, low carb.

Number 3: Whey protein: convenient and easy way to get a great protein source.

Number 4: tuna: if you can handle the smell J

Number 5: Ground Turkey: low in fat, great source.


Keep Hydrated!  July 12, 2015 It's hot, be careful!

As we are in the thick of the summer season, I feel an entry on hydration is appropriate.  When training in the summer it is extremely important to stay hydrated not only for health, but for optimal performance.

Additionally, when I say hydrated I donít just mean drinking water or a sports drink during your workout.  In preparation for your workout, it is important to drink and maintain good hydration prior, during and after your workout.  I feel this is where a lot of clients fall short. 

Remember, your body is a like a machine and for it to run efficiently you must give it everything it needs not only the right foods to perform, but proper hydration as well.


Negative Thinking-July 4th 2015

Todayís entry is about negative thinking and the consequences therein.  Being a trainer, you learn that dealing with your clientís mind is just as important as training their body.  You have to help to condition their mind, especially if they have negative feelings about their body and their fitness level.

Negative thinking can greatly hinder progress.  The feeling that youíll never achieve  the body you want, or that you hate the way you look, tends to cause clients to not want to work out or too eat badly, thus setting back their progress.  As a client it is important to remember, that each day is progress and a step further in your journey to achieving your goals.  Results may come slow at times, but they will come and setups are inevitable.  The trick is to keep moving forward, anything worth achieving is worth working for and nothing comes easy.

Keep setting goals, keep a journal/diary, and keep moving forward realizing that setbacks are just a part of the battle.  However, be determined to keep fighting and win the battle.


Training in the Heat 6/22/15

Okay, itís hot out there, and my advice would be to certainly avoid training out there in this heat.  However, if you must, and I mean must, then you must take the proper precautions.  Okay so what do you need to do if you are going to train in this heat?

For one, make sure you are extremely well hydrated.  Donít only drink while you are training, but before and after as well.  Make sure that coming into your workout you have drank plenty and that you are not coming in dehydrated.

Try to stay away from coffee if you can.  In the heat, you have to be careful you donít get your heart rate too high, and over heat.  Coffee can really sky rocket your heart rate, especially when coupled with exercise.

Eat something.  Make sure your blood sugar isnít too low.  Have some fruit, trail mix, etc to be sure your body is well nourished for the job at hand.

Finally, be smart.  Take your water breaks, rest when needed, and donít overdo it.  Please be safe in the heat!


Donít Fall Into The Trap: June 19, 2015

So whatís the trap Iím referring to?  As Americans what do we do, we get up exhausted, skip breakfast or grab a doughnut and coffee, and go do our 9-5.  We fight the traffic to get home, collapse on the couch until dinner is ready, we eat a huge dinner meal, yell at the kids and then go to bed.  Next day, same cycle and it repeats itself over and over and over again.  So what am I getting at?

I know, at the end of the day, or before the day starts for that matter, we are tired and the last thought in our mind is exercise or working out.  However, as we perpetuate this cycle, our bodies are rotting and rotting, and our minds are deteriorating as well.  I know getting that workout in is tough, but by bowing down to the fatigue and thought of working out when youíre tired you are just going to perpetuate that cycle and cause health problems in the long term.  The solution?

Get up and get going!  Itís not going to be easy, but it will pay great dividends.  Motivation is key, find what motivates you and use it.  Create some goals for yourself and get going on them.  Most importantly donít perpetuate the cycle!


Motivating the Unmotivated 6/14/15

Okay, this is a very tough topic to touch on. Working with various types of clients from children to seniors, I have without a doubt encountered numerous and I mean numerous unmotivated clients. So what to do, how do you motivate the unmotivated?

First off, itís my belief that everyone, and I mean everyone, has something that can motivate them. Whether external or internal, everyone has a switch that when turned on, their outlook changes and all of a sudden motivation isnít much of a problem. The trick, however, is to find that driving force.

This may be hard in that many people are intrinsically motivated and arenít very open with what motivates them, or maybe they donít even know. However, believe me, everyone has a trigger and the goal of every trainer should be to find that trigger. Get to know your client, what makes them tick, what stresses them out, what makes them afraid, etc and you will find that trigger. Once found, motivation will no longer be an issue.


Top Five Tips for Summer Arms 6/9/15

1/ Donít neglect your triceps: remember the triceps make up the majority of your arm, so thus it is very important to make sure to add numerous tricep exercises to your routine.
2/Try super sets: super sets, or back to back sets without rest are a good way to shock the muscles and really get a great burn in your arms. Try them, youíll see the results.
3/Proper form: so many times clients are using improper form, make sure your form is correct, strict form is key.
4/Diet: remember, there are no results without the proper diet
5/ Recover: muscles change on their days off, make sure to allow for recover.



I'm Going to Be Better! 6/2/15

I know, I know, it's been forever since my last blog post, but here we go, back at it again.  I'm going to try my best to be better about posting new blog entries.  If you have any topics you would like for me to cover, please email them to me at  I look forward to seeing which topics are of interest.  In the future, be sure to check my blog as I'll be posting on such topics as caloric deficit vs surplus, vs maintenance, cardio, resistance, and crossfit training, and I'll even be touching on supplementation.  Stay tuned!


Pre-Workout Meal

Hey all, there seems to be a lot of discussion over what constitutes a good post-workout meal, however, how come there isn't much discussion about the pre-workout meal? What should you consume before training? Should you fast, eat a meal, what works best?

Opinions on this topic will vary, however, like other areas of fitness and nutrition, I like to use common sense and relate it to my knowledge of exercise science and anatomy and physiology. So here we go.

First, let me start by saying you have to ingest something. Too many times I see clients not eat anything before they workout. If this is the case, your blood sugar will drop dramatically, and you'll start feeling weak and light headed, you don't want that.

Now how much to eat will vary from person to person, but I feel that taking in carbs and protein pre-workout is always a good idea. I typically like to include some simple carbs, typically a banana, an apple, or something of the sort. I feel that gives me an immediate energy source of glucose in my blood that will be ready during the early phase of the workout. I also like to take in a protein source, but one that is quickly digestible. Remember, your digestive tract needs blood to digest, but so will your muscles during exercise. You don't want to consume to much that will take a long time to digest.

So there it is, I like protein and carbs pre-workout. Additionally, make sure to be properly hydrated as well. Water should be consumed pre, during, and post workout. Hope this help you all!


Top Carbohydrate Sources

Hey all, I get asked a lot about carbs and are they the enemy. The answer is no, we need carbs, but the right carbs. The trick is to stay away from the simple sugary carbs that will spike your insulin, and crash you down. You want carbs that will sustain your energy level, and not make you crash. Here's a list of carb sources that are beneficial. Remember, you need carbs for energy, especially if you are working out intensely, so make sure to include some of these sources in your diet. a. Brown rice b. sweet potatoes c. oatmeal d. yams e. ezekial bread f. fruits and veggies Remember, carbs can be your friends :)


Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

Stop making excuses.  How do I feel?  Check out my reply at


Health Is Most Important

Today, we are constantly bombarded by the latest big thing. The I Phone, the car, the house, the clothes, you name it. We all want nice things, and for good reason. We work hard, so we deserve to enjoy the fruits of our labor. However, do not, do not, take your health for granted. You can have the biggest house, the nicest car, etc. but if your health is being neglected, trust me, it all won't matter. Although those material things may make you feel better in the short term, in the long run, your health is and will be the most important. Take care of your body, treat it well, feed it well, and make sure to keep it active. Try to do your best to avoid the vices, drinking, cigarettes, etc. and your body will thank you for it. Above all, keep your health as the most fundamental aspect in your life, with everything else revolving around it. The healthier you are, the more enjoyment you will get out of life, your relationships, and even your job. So what's the lesson here, take care of your health, don't take it for granted, and cherish it!


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