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                                                          Eric's Blog

  Hey Everyone!!!  Welcome to my blog, I hope that you enjoy the entries.  As sappy as it may be, I consider my blog to be my very own personal diary for all of you to share.  Hopefully, my entries can not only entertain a bit, but motivate as well.  However, if you are a client of mine, don't hold my entries against me, you may end up in my blog :)

**Hey guys, I am finally going to start back with the blog, sorry it has been so long, but I am back, and have so many new topics.  I'll be in touch!

I wish you all the best in health and happiness,

Your friend in health,


Check Out Our Facebook Page

Hey guys, just wanted to pass along that every day (at least I'll try :) I'll be including a great inspirational quote on our Facebook page.  You'll probably find that most of them are quotes by Vince Lombardi, sorry, I love the guy.  Anyhow, some days you'll need it, some days you won't, but be sure to check in and take a look. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Every-Bodys-Personal-Trainer/349564007240

Best in Health,



Killing It


Charting Caloric Intake

Hey you all, hope his entry finds you well.  Just wanted to take a bit of time to talk about charting caloric intake.  Whether your goal is to lose, gain, or maintain, you must chart your caloric intake.  I had this conversation with a client the other day, it is extremely important.  You must learn your body, and what caloric number puts you in a deficit or surplus.  It's really the only way to ensure that you will reach your goals.  So remember, if you are really motivated to change and achieve your goals, you must do the work, not only the physical but the mental as well, chart your calories!


Count Your Calories to Lose Weight

Just wanted to touch base real quick on caloric intake vs. expenditure.  Remember, in it's simplest form, weight loss will take place as long as their is a caloric deficit.  It's very important to be conscious of exactly how many calories you are taking in, and what caloric intake keeps you at maintenance vs surplus and deficit.  I know this can be tedious, however, it is extremely necessary when trying to lose weight.  However, be sure not to have too much of a deficit, which in turn would put your body into starvation mode, thus holding onto body fat and breaking down muscle tissue, thus slowing the metabolism.  So, in summation, count your calories and make sure you are aware of your maintenance numbers vs. your deficit/surplus numbers.


Happy New Year's!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year!  Let's make this year better than any before, and the healthiest yet!  I am not a huge believer in resolutions, as I feel that if there is ever something you'd like to change, you should change it asap!   However, there is something to be said for new beginnings and a clean slate.  If you need us in any way, shape, or form, please don't hesitate.  Looking forward to a great year!  Remember, most New Year's resolutions crash and burn within weeks, keep the feeling strong, and remember why you decided on the resolution in the first place.


Setting Goals



Go Ahead, Give Up!!!



Motivation Clip

Here's another pretty cool one:



Motivation Clip

Very cool video clip, check it out!



Training Around the Holidays



Crossfit or Bodybuilding?

Just a quick vid on my feelings in regards to crossfit vs. bodybuilding:




Bicep Training

Just a quick clip on training the biceps.  Remember, like anything else, there needs to be an overload and variety.



Another Recommended Vid



Training Splits

Just a quick video in regards to training splits:



Inspirational Video

Hey you all, check out this video, very inspiring.  Remember, never give up and take it day by day and you can achieve wonders.



What's More Important, Diet or Exercise?

Just a quick vid on diet vs. exercise:



Training While You're Sick

Just a quick video discussing whether or not it's a good idea to train while feeling sick:



What Is D-Loading?


Hey all, this entry is going to be about d-loading. So what exactly is d-loading?

When you are training hard year round, your body is inevitably going to encounter numerous aches and pains. While it's a good idea to try to work around them, sometimes you need to take a weak to "d-load." First off, I am not a huge advocate of taking a week off of training. I think maybe once a year is okay, but otherwise, if healthy, I don't feel taking a week off of training is all that necessary. So I do like the idea of a "d-load" week. D-loading is, in theory, training your body as you typically would, however, with much less intensity. For instance, if you typically do working sets with 225 on the bench press, do sets of 135. If you typically do 100 pushups, do 50. With the decrease in intensity, your body gets a chance to heal up and recover, without losing much of that progress that you have made. With a d-load, you are taking your muscles through the same ranges of motion, still taxing the nervous system, but not further causing any muscle tears or strains.

 So try a d-load week. It can be applied to any form of exercise, anaerobic or aerobic and is always a good idea when you feel your body is in a broken down state.



Staying Healthy During Flu Season



Should I Train With A Cold?

Hey all, today's entry is about training while sick. Should you just stick it out and workout, or should you take a bit of time off and recover? What's my view? Honestly, my best answer to these questions is just to be instinctive and let your body tell you. If you are very sick, by all means you shouldn't be in the gym. You could injure yourself, and possibly spread the sickness to others. Also, it's important to remember that when we are sick, there is a battle going on inside our bodies whereas our body is trying to fight the illness and recover. If very sick, it's better to take some time off and let your body use it's energy to fight the sickness. However, if the illness is minor, sometimes a workout can jolt the immune response and help you recover quicker. Still be sure to wipe all machines and weights down, however, sometimes working out can be a good thing while not feeling well. So in summation, it's up to you. You have to gage your body and be instinctive and learn how your body responds to different situations. Let's stay healthy this season!


Training The Back

Hey all, today's post is about training the back muscles. Now when considering the back, we'll be considering rowing movements, and pull down movements. I think it's a good idea to alternate, leaving the rowing movements for those days when you have more energy.

Rowing movements are more intense and exhausting in my opinion, which is why I do them on high energy days. As far as exercises, be sure to include pull downs. Make sure you vary both the grip and attachment for your pull downs. The wider the grip, the more you'll be targeting lat width, the narrower, the more you'll be targeting the lower lats or middle back. Also, include some good rowing movements. There are some excellent hammer strength rowing machines out there, and the low pulley cable row is always a good staple. Dumbell rows are also very effective as well. The most popular rowing movement tends to be the barbell row, however, be very cautious of your lower back.

Try these exercise out and you'll develop a great v taper back in no time.


Awesome Quote

"Nobody's going to hit as hard as life, but it doesn't matter how hard you get it, it matters how hard you can get his and keep moving forward, that's how winning is done."


Great Clip

Very inspiring clip here:





Training The Chest Muscles

Hey guys, just a quick clip on training the chest muscles.  Make sure to use a variety of exercises and angles, and be sure to work the upper, lower, and mid chest.



Training The Quads

Hey guys, today's post is about how to build strong, muscular quads. Here are my top five exercises:

1/ Squats: either will a barbell, or a swiss ball, you can't beat the squat.

2/ leg extensions: great exercise for toning, and strengthening the muscles around the knee.

3/ step-ups: great for toning and includes a cardiovascular element as well.

4/ lunges: either stationary or walking, and excellent exercise.

5/ front squats: put a great load directly onto the quads.


Try these exercises and you won't be disappointed!


The Mind/Muscle Connection

Just a quick video on the mind/muscle connection.  Remember, the mind and the body are one connected unit, not only do you have to train your body, you have to train your mind as well.



How Do I Increase My Bench Press

Hey you all, just a quick video on tips for bench pressing and increasing bench press strength.  Remember, a bench press is more than just the chest, make sure to emphasize the shoulders, specifically the front delts.  Also, be sure to work those triceps as well.



Training The Mind

Hey all, today's entry is about training your mind. Most entries are about training the body, however, it's necessary to discuss the psychological aspect of health and fitness. It's my belief, that the mind and body are one, and in order to have a healthy mind, your body must be healthy, and visa versa. The bottom line is the mind will always give in before the body. Take for example a fire. You come home after a long day, take your seat on the couch to crash, exhausted. God forbid a fire breaks out, although you are tired, you better believe you'll be running your behind out of that house. So what I am getting at is the mind will always quit before the body, the body can always do more. The trick therein is to teach the mind not to give in and to persevere. Additionally, it's also important to establish the mind/muscle connection while training. You need the feel the muscle through the range of motion, feeling the stretch, the contraction, the whole execution of the exercise. I promise you if you can establish this mind/muscle connection, your results will take off. So finally, although not easy to do, you have to train your mind. Once the mind and body have become one, you'll be invincible.


You Have To Swim Through The Mud To Get To The Prairie

Just another video you all about dealing with life's challenges and persevering.  Remember, just like anything else in life, getting in shape isn't easy, and is a challenge.  However, you cannot give up.



What's Eating You?

I apologize about this clip, it was kind of a catharsis for me, and my frustration with a client who decided to give up.  Never give up!



Hump Day!

A little hump day motivation:



How to Get Abs

Hey all, just a quick entry on abdominals. Of course, the typical question for a trainer is "how do I get abs." So what's the answer?

The abdominals, are not unlike any other muscle in the body. They'll respond well to an overload and intensity, and recuperation just like the other anatomical muscles. However, much of the abdominal wall's visibility is going to be related to bodyfat. We all have well developed abdominals, you have to in order to keep your posture upright, however, it's the bodyfat level that either makes the abdominals visible, or hides them away. So the long and short of it is, to see your abdominals not only are you going to have to train them, but you'll have to significantly decrease your bodyfat levels to make them visible.

Remember, you can't spot reduce. Keeping your diet sound, adding cardio, and doing your best to decrease your bodyfat will be your best bet to show those abs. Hope this entry helped.


How to Lose Weight

Hey you all, just a short clip here on advice on how to lose weight.  Remember, it's going to come down to calories in vs. calories out.  Be active to create that deficit, and be careful not to starve your body, your body will respond by going into starvation mode, thus breaking down muscle for energy and slowing your metabolism.


When Is The Best Time To Workout

Hey you all, just a quick video on when is the best time to workout.  As you will find in my video, there is never a better time than now!  Remember, stop making excuses, and get started today!



Working Out in the Cold

Hey you all, just because it's getting cold and the long clothes come out, doesn't mean it's time to get lazy and stop progressing.  Remember, training is year round and is a lifestyle, not a fad.


Rest and Recovery



Pre-Workout Meal

Hey all, there seems to be a lot of discussion over what constitutes a good post-workout meal, however, how come there isn't much discussion about the pre-workout meal? What should you consume before training? Should you fast, eat a meal, what works best?

Opinions on this topic will vary, however, like other areas of fitness and nutrition, I like to use common sense and relate it to my knowledge of exercise science and anatomy and physiology. So here we go.

First, let me start by saying you have to ingest something. Too many times I see clients not eat anything before they workout. If this is the case, your blood sugar will drop dramatically, and you'll start feeling weak and light headed, you don't want that.

Now how much to eat will vary from person to person, but I feel that taking in carbs and protein pre-workout is always a good idea. I typically like to include some simple carbs, typically a banana, an apple, or something of the sort. I feel that gives me an immediate energy source of glucose in my blood that will be ready during the early phase of the workout. I also like to take in a protein source, but one that is quickly digestible. Remember, your digestive tract needs blood to digest, but so will your muscles during exercise. You don't want to consume to much that will take a long time to digest.

So there it is, I like protein and carbs pre-workout. Additionally, make sure to be properly hydrated as well. Water should be consumed pre, during, and post workout. Hope this help you all!


Top Carbohydrate Sources

Hey all, I get asked a lot about carbs and are they the enemy. The answer is no, we need carbs, but the right carbs. The trick is to stay away from the simple sugary carbs that will spike your insulin, and crash you down. You want carbs that will sustain your energy level, and not make you crash. Here's a list of carb sources that are beneficial. Remember, you need carbs for energy, especially if you are working out intensely, so make sure to include some of these sources in your diet. a. Brown rice b. sweet potatoes c. oatmeal d. yams e. ezekial bread f. fruits and veggies Remember, carbs can be your friends :)


Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

Stop making excuses.  How do I feel?  Check out my reply at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Yb2JYvBPJs


Health Is Most Important

Today, we are constantly bombarded by the latest big thing. The I Phone, the car, the house, the clothes, you name it. We all want nice things, and for good reason. We work hard, so we deserve to enjoy the fruits of our labor. However, do not, do not, take your health for granted. You can have the biggest house, the nicest car, etc. but if your health is being neglected, trust me, it all won't matter. Although those material things may make you feel better in the short term, in the long run, your health is and will be the most important. Take care of your body, treat it well, feed it well, and make sure to keep it active. Try to do your best to avoid the vices, drinking, cigarettes, etc. and your body will thank you for it. Above all, keep your health as the most fundamental aspect in your life, with everything else revolving around it. The healthier you are, the more enjoyment you will get out of life, your relationships, and even your job. So what's the lesson here, take care of your health, don't take it for granted, and cherish it!


Something to Think About




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