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In Home Personal Training Rockville


Get Started with an In Home Personal Trainer in Rockville, MD

Have you decided it's time to shop for personal trainers in Rockville? If you have, we are so excited that you came across our company. Our fitness instructors understand how difficult it can be to make exercise and fitness a component of your life, and as a result, our fitness and nutritional plans make adhering to your program much more accommodating. Not located in Rockville.  Our company also servicesGermantown, Silver Spring,   Bethesda, Gaithersburg, Potomac, Olney, and various nearby locations throughout Montgomery County.

Have you finally had enough of wasting your hard-earned money on gym memberships that you never use? Our personal trainers in Rockville make fitness convenient by meeting with you at your office, home, or local park for your workout.

We certainly understand that you most likely have tons of questions to ask, so we would sincerely enjoy for you to take advantage of our free consultation.

Our staff wants to be sure that you have all of your questions and concerns addressed. Therefore, we always offer a free, no-obligation consultation before training with one of our staff. It is vital to us that we earn your business and want you to feel content before initiating a program. If you are excited about getting started, you can call us anytime at 443-615-2702 to book a free consultation with one of our coaches.

We relish the opportunity to meet you and help you along the way to achieving your fitness and health goals.

Personal trainer Rockville

Fitness Trainer Hannah

Virtual and in-home personal training available: Rockville

Elena Sarino - Personal trainer in Rockville
Trainer Elena

Trainer Brenda

Brenda Von Rautenkrantz 

Virtual training available. 

Trainer Shannon

Shannon LeDroux

Virtual training available. 

Rockville Trainer Amy

Amy Smullian

Virtual and in home training available. 

   ***Check out Personal Trainer Amy's amazing physique transformation***

Personal Trainer Laura

Laura Levengard

Virtual training available. 

Contact Information For Our Personal Trainers in Rockville

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What Are Clients Saying?


I have been struggling with depression and anxiety for quite some time, and I felt I need to make a change. I needed to make sure my body was healthy and felt that my mind would follow. I found you all after doing a little Google search for personal trainers in Rockville. Due to my anxiety disorder, the gym was never a place for me, so I felt in-home might be a good option. I have been working with your company now for three months, and I love the service you provide. Thanks so much for all that you have done for me.

Jill Tempino
Rockville, Md

I felt exhausted all of the time always putting my health and workouts on the back burner. Finally, I got sick of feeling lousy and felt that maybe exercise could help to give me more energy and vitality. At first, I was intimidated, but after my initial call, I felt at ease. You all are so down-to-earth and easy to work with that I have referred a few of my friends to you all as well.

Stacy Levine
Rockville, MD

I have two gym memberships, but I wasn't ever getting to the gym. I needed accountability and somebody to push me and make sure that I'm not missing workouts. After reading through your website, all of the excuses that I have made for being so out of shape were mentioned. I almost felt as if you were speaking to me directly. If this sounds like you give this company a call, you won't be sorry.

Melissa Faberno
Rockville, MD

Rockville Personal Training

Feeling bloated and out of shape all the time has been my usual which I am not happy about. For the first time in my life, I decided that the way I feel is not worth eating poorly and not being active. Making a call to your company was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. Your trainers are very understanding and easy to work with and non-judgmental. Thank you so much for all of your help. I look forward to continuing my progress.

Lucy Lee
Rockville, Md

Unfortunately, my last personal trainer moved, so I was in the market for a new coach. I found your website after doing a Google Search, and I liked what I read. Your coaches are all very highly regarded, and the testimonials look amazing. So far, my experience has been exemplary, and I look forward to continuing.

Jill Roddeo
Rockville, Md

The warm weather has a bunch of us mothers in our neighborhood motivated to workout. We had a little meeting and decided to hire a fitness instructor to put us through a good boot camp every week to get in shape. Working with Melissa has been great, and we enjoy having her come out to our neighborhood. She pushes us all very hard, but we enjoy the workouts and enjoy her energy.

Macy Tire
Rockville, Md


How can we help?

We know how hard it is to find a time to exercise on a consistent basis. Some days are busy, and you don't have the time. Therefore, our company has taken it upon ourselves to provide the most convenient form of personal training possible. Rather than going to the gym to work out where to meet with your fitness instructor, our personal trainers in Rockville will bring the gym to you!

Our fitness professionals can meet you at a local park, your office, your gym, or right there in the privacy of your own home. No more wasted time or money on gym memberships that you don't use or Fitness sessions that are way overpriced.

How is a Rockville Personal Trainer Beneficial?

More often than not the number one reason not to exercise its time. By having your instructor meet you at your home, you save time and energy having to deal with traffic at the end of a long day. As a result, you have the convenience and privacy of workouts in your home.

By working with a fitness professional, you are receiving knowledge that will benefit your program and speed up your results. There is nothing more motivating than seeing and feeling the results of your exercise program. When you work with a coach, they instill the accountability and consistency needed to see those results.

How can you be sure it's right for you?

We always offer a free no-obligation consultation with our staff. We want to make sure that you have all of your questions answered and that you are 100% positive that your trainer is right for you. We are confident that our staff is the best of the best, but we want to prove it. If you are interested in getting started feel free to call us anytime at 443-615-2702 to book your free consultation.

We look forward to meeting you.


Does the Session Have to Be in My Home?

Maybe you don't have a ton of room to workout at home, no problem! Rockville offers plenty of great parks like Woodley Gardens Park,. Mncppc Department of Parks, and Rockville Parks and Recreation do an amazing job maintaining excellent facilities.  Our staff can meet you at the park with all the equipment needed to give you a fantastic workout.

Our personal trainers in Rockville are industry leaders in:

personal training Rockville

About Personal Training In Rockville

Rockville is a thriving location and our clients definitely take advantage!

In the City of Rockville, the local parks are a great way to get some cardio workouts performed. Dawson Farm Park is a great local park with so much to do. There is a playground, a gazebo, a creek, and numerous picnic tables. What stands out are the old growth trees. You can enjoy a summertime lunch in the shade without the fear of the extreme heat.

Can shopping be considered cardio? Try Rockville Town Square, the perfect location to get your cardiovascular workout while satisfying your craving to shop.

Rockville Railroad Station is another fun place to frequent.


Not located in Rockville?  Our company also servicesGermantown, Silver Spring, Bethesda, Gaithersburg, Potomac, Olney, and various nearby locations throughout Montgomery County. 

Which type of exercise is right for you?

Have you found that you tend not to take advantage of your gym membership? Have you been missing workouts and need more accountability in your program? Or perhaps you feel intimidated by the gym environment. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of personal training in a gym setting versus in-home personal training.

Have you ever walked into a commercial gym and been extremely intimidated and walked right back out? Do you ever feel self-conscious and catch yourself looking at the other gym-goers? If the answer is yes, you are not alone. Attending a gym nowadays can be very intimidating. All of the bright lights, loud noise, and gym-goers can be incredibly intimidating. One of the significant benefits to in-home personal training is that you have the privacy of your home environment. You can concentrate solely on performing the exercises with your coach without having to worry about everything else going on around you.

Have you seen the bathrooms and facilities at some commercial gyms? Very disgusting right? Studies have shown that most gymnasiums are contaminated with germs. A significant advantage that in-home personal training holds is that you don't have to worry about germs and the cleanliness of the environment. No more having to wipe down puddles of sweat on machines or laying in sweat-stained benches.

Finally, if you are like most of our client's, the chances are that you find your current program tedious and monotonous. Unfortunately, when working out at a gym, you are limited to the gym space which can cause some feelings of boredom, especially on a beautiful day. Exercising outdoors on a beautiful day can be enjoyable and break the monotony in a fitness plan.

These are just a few of the many amazing advantages that working out at home can provide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question. Do you offer training programs for teenagers?
Answer. Of course. Many of our coaches are also local physical education teachers at many of the local public schools. Our staff does a great job of working with the younger demographic. We do a great job of making our workouts fun that way our young clients don't lose interest.

Question. Do you offer boot camps?
Answer. We sure do. Depending upon your location, we offer boot camps at many local parks, schools, or athletic facilities. Join our boot camps and experience the uplifting positivity that boot camp has to offer.

Question. Can I have somebody come to my home on the weekend?
Answer. Absolutely. Our service is one of convenience so our coaches will meet with you early in the morning, late in the evening, or even weekends. Our staff will do its best to mend their schedule with yours and be there for you whenever you need them.

Question. What kind of equipment do you bring?
Answer. Our fitness instructors will bring resistance bands, free weights, ankle weights, swiss balls, and various other tools of the trade. Depending upon what your goal set is, our staff will make sure to supply the equipment to help you reach those goals.

Rockville Personal Training and Accountability

Getting in shape is a relatively straightforward process:

Exercise regularly, don?t overtrain yourself, eat mostly healthy foods, and you?ll do great. 

Do that for a few weeks, and you?ll shed some serious weight. Do it for a few months, and you?ll begin looking like an athlete. Do it for a few years, and, well, people will come up to you asking, "Can you help me get in shape?"

So why is it so difficult to get fit then? Why do so many people fail in their quest to fitness?

One of the biggest reasons why people struggle, fail, and give up is because one vital factor is missing from their plan - accountability.

Personal training in Rockville brings accountability and skyrockets your chance of success, but how?


1. Rockville Personal Trainers Ensure That You Show Up Every Time

It?s Monday afternoon. You?ve been working tirelessly for hours. Then you notice:

It?s 4:30, near the end of your workday and you need to get to the gym for a workout soon. "But I?m tired," you exclaim. So, naturally, you reason with yourself, "Ah, I can always make it to the gym tomorrow. What harm can it do?"

The problem is, this happens day after day, always postponing and waiting for a better time to exercise.

If you commit to a personal trainer, however, the choice becomes easy. You know that someone is expecting you to show up and there?s no question about it - you?ll be there - every time.


2. The Monetary Investment Motivates You To Make The Most Of It

A prominent study from a while back revealed something quite interesting about human behavior:

In it, researchers sought to determine the amount of attention we give to specific possessions in our lives, which were broken down into two categories - things we?ve gotten for free and stuff we?ve paid to obtain.

They found that if we?ve paid for something, we are much more likely to take it seriously and use it to our full advantage - whether that meant a book, service, or something else. Simply put, we generally don?t pay as much attention to things we?ve gotten for free.

This is quite true in real life, as well. The monetary investment in a personal trainer alone can serve as a huge motivator to show up again and again, and take full advantage of the service.


3. Personal Trainers in Rockville Keep You Accountable During The Workout

Multiple factors contribute to the overall quality of each workout. And, as you can imagine, the higher the quality of each workout is, the better your results will be.

A personal trainer can help significantly in that domain and offer accountability on multiple fronts:

  • They can help correct your exercise technique on the go to ensure that each repetition and set is done correctly for the full benefit.
  • They can keep you on your toes and prevent you from slacking off.
  • They can push you to exert more effort and strive for progress from workout to workout.

    4. If You Fall Off The Rails, They Help You Get Back on Track

    We all fall off the rails sometimes - it?s a fact of life. But what matters more is how quickly (if at all) one gets back on track.

    A personal trainer in Rockville can help you in that domain because they understand the struggle all too well. If you happen to fall off the rails with your training, diet, or other positive habits, your trainer will be there to help you get back on the right path.


    5. They Help Keep You Accountable Outside The Gym, Too

    The best thing about fitness is that you can?t buy it or rent it. It takes discipline, hard work, and good habits. And precisely because of that, you have to be mindful of your behaviors and choices - not just in the gym, but outside, as well.

    A Rockville personal trainer can bring accountability to your entire way of living because inevitable progress is expected, and you?ll feel an incredible motivation to eat better, get enough sleep, and complete all of your workouts.

    And even more than that, your trainer can help you by seeing where underlying problems might be. If, for example, you?re not losing weight, but you?ve been consistent with your training, they can look at the rest of your life and find where the issue is.

    If you still have questions in regard to fitness training, please take a look at these two excellent websites:




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