Are You Ready For New Year's?

By Eric leader-Owner/Personal Trainer


As we are quickly approaching New Year's, many of us across the country are thinking about and making our New Year's resolutions. Chances are if you are like most weight loss or some sort of health or fitness goal is going to be among your New Year's resolutions. And if the results of most studies are correct, chances are that weight loss has been a New Year's resolution in the past as well. So how can you be sure that this year you will conquer your goal to lose weight?

When considering losing weight, it is important to understand that achieving weight loss is going to take time. Not only is time of essence but practicing and adhering to the correct principles of weight loss are going to be essential to your success.

Keeping a food journal is an absolute necessity to lose weight. A food journal is a way to document all the foods or drink that you have consumed throughout your day. By doing so you can calculate your caloric intake as well as your macro count. So why is caloric intake important? The reason being that if you burn more calories than you take in you will be in a caloric deficit and thus will lose weight. If you are in a caloric surplus, then weight gain is going to follow.

Another great way to lose weight and adhere to your diet is to remove all the junk that is in your house. As a result of the holidays, many of us have desserts and non-nutritious meals leftover in our refrigerator and cupboards. If weight loss is a goal it is always a good idea to remove all these junk foods from your house prior to starting your diet. Don't try to trick yourself into thinking that you will have enough willpower, chances are that you will not.

Outlining your fitness plan and ways at which you will be accountable to your plan is also a necessity. Your fitness plan should include cardiovascular training in conjunction with resistance training. Now how are you going to keep yourself accountable to your fitness plan?

Some ways that accountability can be achieved is by writing down short-term goals and keeping yourself streamlined into what you are looking to accomplish. Having goals set can help keep you motivated and inspired through your journey.

Hiring a personal trainer can also be of major benefit. A personal trainer could help keep you on your correct path by bombarding you with text messages making sure that you are getting your workouts performed. Personal trainers are a valuable resource in that not only will they help you to outline the most effective plan possible, but they will instill the accountability to achieve that plan.

Everything aside at the end of the day the most important factor in achieving your New Year's resolution is discipline. Are you going to be disciplined enough to achieve the goal that you have set for yourself? Are you going to give up or are you going to be diligent and ambitious enough to see it through? In the end, it is all up to you and how much you want it, and how much you are willing to sacrifice. Remember nothing comes easy which is why achieving your goal is going to be such a great feeling.