Winter Supplements

By Eric leader-Owner/Personal Trainer


As we all know, winter can be a very difficult time of the year to maintain health and to feel at your best. The common cold seems inevitable and workouts tend to suffer due to feelings of lethargy and lack of energy. As a personal trainer, one of the common questions I receive from clients that I work with is what are the best supplements to take during the wintertime?

In thinking about how to maintain health and wellness during the cold season, it is important to look at the big picture. The principles that hold true during the cold months are the same principles that hold true throughout the rest of the year. To maintain health, it is essential to maintain a healthy immune system. So those factors that go into maintaining a functional immune system are the same factors that need to be adhered to during the winter season.

Factors such as adequate rest, good nutrition, exercise, and lessening stress are always going to be vital to maintaining continual health and overall wellness. Cardiovascular exercise in conjunction with resistance training is always the best and most beneficial. Keeping your immune system strong by exercising is very important to keeping you healthy. However, the addition of supplements during these more compromised months of the winter can be a good insurance policy.

Echinacea has been shown by numerous studies to help promote a strong and healthy immune system. Vitamin D3 has been also shown to promote overall health and a strong immune system. Remember, during those winter months we see less and less sunlight especially with the clock change. As a result of less sunlight, Vitamin D3 supplementation becomes imperative. Also be sure that you are eating properly plenty of fruit and vegetables and keeping your hydration level in check by drinking plenty of water is going to really help keep you healthy during the winter season.

Many believe that extra vitamin C is also a great way to ward off the common cold and other health issues during the cold season. Additionally, we cannot neglect the importance of good hygiene. During this season, it is inevitable that many will suffer from colds or flu-like symptoms. Many of these individuals will also frequent public health clubs where transmission of germs can be very readily transmitted using the Health Club facilities. Making sure to wash your hands thoroughly after your workout can be a big help in preventing the transmission of germs and illness.

The winter season can be very prone to health issues and sickness. It's very important to make sure that you are getting proper rest. Seven to eight hours of sleep per night is very important to keep your immune system healthy and helping your body to recover. So, make sure you are getting proper sleep each night. However, if the above tips are taken into consideration you can maintain good health and fitness during this trying time of the year. Make sure to continue with your exercise program, keep your nutrition on point, and the addition of supplements can also be a benefit.