Did You Gain Holiday Weight?

Now that Thanksgiving is over if you are like most Americans chances are you ate a lot during the holiday. Chances are also pretty good that maybe you gained some weight as a result. So what are good ways to help get rid of some of that extra weight gained during the holiday? As a personal trainer in Ellicott City, I'm here to help.  Let's take a look.

First things first, make sure to get all the junk out of your home. All of the bad tempting foods that can throw you off of your diet will do so if they're left in your house. I don't care how strong your willpower is you will have a weak moment and if the bad junk is present chances are you'll get into it. So it's very important to get rid of all the temptations that may hinder your progress.

Next, start tracking your calories. Set the caloric intake that you would like to hit and try to stay disciplined in maintaining those numbers. See how those numbers look for you and if you are losing or gaining weight. If you are losing weight great stay with it if not try to reduce your caloric intake to aid in weight loss.

Finally, include exercise in your overall programming. Whether cardiovascular or resistance both are excellent resources for you to take advantage of to lose weight. Make sure to stay consistent with your exercise and to increase your intensity as you progress in your plan. Always change up your mode of activity and keep your body guessing that way you can prevent hitting a plateau.

Hopefully all these methods will help you and you will see the results of your labor. Wishing you all the best of the holidays.