How a Personal Trainer can Take You from Beanpole to Buff


It can sometimes seem as though all the world wants to lose weight, and although there certainly is cause for this phenomenon (since obesity is reaching epidemic proportions in many parts of the world), the lack of sympathy for a skinny guy wanting to build some muscle, can be frustrating. When you have tried everything - weight training, consuming more calories and even midnight snacking - and the difference is minimal, it may be time to put your fitness routine into the hands of an experienced personal trainer.
'The business of life is demanding' you may say, and while it is true that conflicting work and personal demands can leave little time for the gym, there is no reason why you can't build muscle and enjoy greater strength, availing of the many benefits of a personal trainer showing up at your house. 
Consistency is Key
In order for progress to be noticed, you simply must be consistent. Even seasoned athletes know it is hard to get anywhere if they work out less than three times a week. The problem is, when you’ve been going to the gym on your own, or with a friend who seems more interested in finding a date than feeling the burn, it can be easy to lose motivation and spend your leisure time doing something that requires less effort. Personal trainers are an exceptionally motivational source of support. It is difficult to say no to a professional who walks the walks and looks as fit as he can make you. You won’t miss a single workout once you start noticing the amazing changes you can achieve.
Valuable Tips for Success
There are many nutritional ‘tricks’ when it comes to muscle building. For instance, consuming more carbs after you work out, or on rest days, lifts glucoses levels (and, therefore, insulin)  in your blood. Insulin stops protein from breaking down, which will help you rebuild muscle faster and use your protein sorces optimally. It is also important to eat before resting at night, so that muscles are never starved of amino acids. Trainers also know the most efficient protein drinks and supplements in the business, ensuring you don’t waste your hard earned cash on useless products. For lean guys seeking to build muscle, these tips are invaluable - and personal trainers are veritable treasure trove of advice on everything to do with food.
Optimizing Your Strength Training
The gym can be a veritable jungle, with so many types of equipment to choose from. It is vital to stick to the types of routines that target all of your body’s muscles - your trainer will introduce you to the basic exercises of muscle building (including squats, deadlifts, curls, dips and pull-ups) but also introduce novelty into your routine, ‘surprising’ your muscles out and ensuring you do not slip into a plateau.
There are many times in life in which it can feel like attempting to achieve an important goal alone, is proving futile. Bodybuilding is a complex sport that involves optimal nutrition, intense training and high levels of motivation. A personal trainer will ensure that you stay on track and have the time of your life while experiencing the amazing transformational power of strength training.