6 Ways To Stay Motivated as a Beginner

By Eric leader-Owner/Personal Trainer


Moving something is most difficult in the beginning. Thereís no momentum to aid your efforts. The same concept applies in regards to exercise. Getting motivated and into a routine can be very difficult for many reasons: you feel like youíre too busy, you feel discouraged because results arenít immediate, or you feel like the journey is too difficult.

Donít get discouraged, and donít give up. Stop telling yourself that youíll work out tomorrow, and make the most of today! After all, youíll never get another shot at today. For every beginner out there; there are several ways to stay with your fitness goals. Finding out what works best for you is important. Here are six different ways to stay motivated as a beginner.

Eyes On The Prize

If you ever feel like youíre losing motivation, remember why you started in the first place. Something motivated you to embark on your fitness journey. Make a literal note of this motivator and keep it somewhere youíll see it a few times each day. This way, youíll be able to face the reason(s) you were motivated in the first place.

Accountability Partner

Many people fail to reach their goals because they succumb to their own mind. One missed day turns into a week and, before you know it, youíre out of a routine. To prevent this from happening, find yourself an accountability partner. This is someone who will hold you accountable for your actions (or lack thereof), and you will serve a mutual role for them. If you have a personal trainer, they can also serve as an excellent accountability partner to you.

Align Your Home Environment

In order to stay motivated, it is very important to have your home reflect your goals. Youíre home environment can sharply impact your motivation. A messy, unkept living space reflects a lack of self-care and laziness. The two aforementioned traits are toxic to motivation and fitness goals. Ridding yourself of a messy environment can help you stay on track.

Micro Goals

Listen, macro goals are awesome. But, theyíre usually pretty far out of reach in the beginning. Staring at the mountain of the journey that lies ahead can be quite daunting. To keep yourself from getting overwhelmed, set micro goals for yourself. For example, set quantifiable goals such as losing 5% of your body weight, or increasing the amount of weight youíre able to use for a particular lift by 10lbs. These small victories will eventually amount to your larger goals.

Change It Up

Personal trainers will do a great job of doing this for you. If you donít have a personal trainer, the responsibility is going to fall on your shoulders. Change up the workouts that youíre including in each targeted workout. Many programs and personal trainers will have you target a different body area (i.e Chest, Legs, Core) once a week. They will have you do the same workouts for 4 sessions, then switch up the entire workout for each muscle group. Install this into your personal routine to keep things exciting and new.

Sign A Commitment Contract

Whether you set a commitment system up for yourself or make a pledge in front of your friends; set yourself up for success. Set up a system where you have to Venmo someone or your personal trainer $20 each time you skip out on a workout. This contractual motivator may keep you on track on those days where you just donít feel like getting after it.