Finding the perfect holiday gifts for everyone on your list can be challenging. When it comes to active kids, we’ve got you covered. Here are our favorite picks for the youth in your life who love things that keep them moving.

Road riders. If your youngster has a sense of adventure and loves fresh air and sunshine, a mini bike offers the perfect blend of action and outdoors. Whether exploring trails or touring the streets, kids who are ready to roll will be thrilled to see their new ride sitting in the garage with a big bow on it, but first you need to find the perfect one. You might be surprised at the variety of what’s available, as there is everything from chopper-style to pseudo-crotch rockets. Consider options like the Massimo MB200, which comes in several colors, is gas-powered, and can reach speeds up to 17 mph. If you’re looking for an electric version, the Razor MX 650 is a top pick. It’s powerful, affordable, and offers an authentic dirt bike frame for the full experience. Check out Motorday for some smart reviews of mini bikes - just do your research before you invest so you can find the ideal one for your kiddo.

For the explorers. Some children prefer activities that take them to new places and spaces in nature. If you’re stumped on ideas for the youngster who loves to roam, consider purchasing some great new outdoor gear. For instance, a fishing pole, sleeping bag, or headlamp could be perfect for the kid who loves to camp. A hammock offers a place to both lounge and play, and a slackline can be set up in your backyard or at the campgrounds. If you’re planning family outings, think about getting a National Park pass for you and the kids to enjoy together. Your child can enjoy planning trips with you, and maps are available to download for free. Note kids under the age of 15 and members of the U.S. Military are given free entry.

Backyard adventurers. Does your child spend hours on end roving in your backyard? One idea is to invest in a playhouse to provide hours of entertainment, shelter, and a space of your child’s own. There are ready-made kits for everything from a cabin to a Victorian mansion. Teepees are fun for inside play on the days your child wishes she could be outdoors, and House Beautiful offers instructions for weather proofing a teepee so yours can do double duty, indoors or out. Another idea is to invest in a customized outdoor play room, whether in the form of a tree house you DIY or a Hobbit Hole you assemble yourself. If you’re tight on yard space and need a place for your kiddo to blow off steam, a traditional trampoline or swing set are great solutions. And if your child digs getting dirty, consider putting together some garden gear. A little wheelbarrow with child-sized tools, some potting soil, seeds and gloves can keep your kid entertained and happy for hours.

Sporty kids. If your little one enjoys organized sports, sometimes sports gear is the best way to score big. A portable basketball hoop offers hours of fun and the chance to work on building skills, or a new mitt could be perfect gift for a budding baseball or softball player. For children who fantasize about dragons and Sherwood Forest, a play archery set will hit the target. And kids who need to stretch out before exercising will appreciate a new yoga mat. There are also junior golf sets in colors and styles aimed for kids, stilts for aspiring acrobats, and play sets for tennis, badminton and volleyball.

When it comes to active kids, we’ve got you covered. --You can go almost anywhere, and find a supply of hundreds of toys. Whether you're seeking toys for your girls, or the best toys and gifts for 6 year old boys. Either way, your little ones will be kept entertained at all times, no exceptions!

Your holiday shopping just got simpler. Giving gifts is big fun, and when it comes to finding things for those you love, you want it to be just right. Whether it’s a mini bike, playhouse, or new gear, you can find the perfect present that combines your child’s energy and interests.