Start Now-Five Tips For A Healthy Holiday Season

By Eric leader-Owner/Personal Trainer


With the holiday season coming up and New Year's resolutions nearby, let's look at 5 tips to stay healthy during the holiday season. We all want to be able to enjoy the fun and food associated with the holiday however it is no fun if we are sick. Let's look at five ways we can ensure that we will remain healthy during the holiday season.

1. Exercise. Well, you probably knew that this was going to be on the list, but exercise is essential for maintaining a healthy strong immune system and maintaining our health. Cardiovascular exercise can help maintain heart strength and to improve the Aerobic System. Cardiovascular activity has also been shown to lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and many other associated health benefits.

According to reputable personal trainers, resistance training also has many health benefits. By performing weight-bearing exercise we can increase our bone mineral density and strengthen our musculature and prevent muscle atrophy. Resistance training can also help to improve self-esteem, lower stress, and promote a healthy self-image.

2. Healthy diet. A diet that is low in simple carbohydrates and sugar, as well as processed food, can really help promote health. By including fruits and vegetables we can make sure that we are obtaining many of the essential minerals and nutrients to promote a healthy immune system. Make sure to include fruits and vegetables and add a good amount of water to stay hydrated as well.

3. lower stress. The holiday season can bring with it much stress especially given all the shopping and commotion that tends to be present. Stress can have a very negative impact on our health and can really compromise the immune system. Finding positive ways to deal with stress and other ways to avoid stress can prove to be very critical in maintaining one's health. Try to find positive outlets such as exercise, meditation, or communication to help prevent an overload of stress.

4. Rest. During the holiday season, there are many parties and gatherings as well as shopping which tends to keep us very busy. Sometimes we sacrifice rest and sleep as a result. Sleep deprivation can have a very significant impact on our health so ensuring that you are receiving the proper amount of rest is critical to maintaining a healthy system.

5. Have fun. Studies have shown that happiness can help to boost serotonin levels and feelings of well-being and lower stress. As mentioned previously the holidays can really become stressful which can really have a negative impact on your immune system and as a result your health. Making sure to set time aside to have fun and enjoy life has so many benefits that can improve one's health far too many to even list. So, during the commotion of the holiday season make sure that you are having fun and enjoying yourself

The holiday season can be a very difficult time and can wreak havoc on our health however it does not have to be the case. If the tips above are adhered to we are very likely to see significant results in regards to a healthy immune system and in turn a healthy holiday season.