Top 5 Benefits of Exercise


Being a personal trainer, I feel that it is my duty to inform as many people as I possibly can the benefits of exercise.  Now I can go on and on about how beneficial exercise is, but for the sake of this article and this entry let's just examine 5 of the great benefits attributed to exercise.


Benefit number 1: stress relief.  Let's face it, we are all busy, we are all stressed. I think most of you reading this article would agree. I hear from clients all the time about how stressed and anxious they are, and how sometimes they feel like they're wound up into a ball and ready to explode.  Stress can cause the release of cortisol, and contribute to weight gain and emotional eating. People deal with stress in different ways, however, the best possible way to deal with stress is exercise. Without a doubt, after you exercise you feel much better and less anxious. Studies have shown the benefits of exercise in regards to stress reduction and most therapists would agree it's the number one plan in dealing with stress.


Benefit number 2: self-esteem. Many of us suffer from low self-esteem and low self-concept. Maybe you're concerned about your weight, maybe you get made fun of about your appearance, or maybe you just wish you didn't look the way that you do. Most people who exercise will tell you that as a result of an exercise program they experience an increase in self-esteem. Now this could be because the physical changes, the results achieved, strength gain, or it could even be the compliments that they received from friends or family. But without a doubt exercise will increase self-esteem.


Benefit 3: heart health. In today's society, we are more sedentary than ever. The advent of computers, and other technology, have slowed us down and enabled us to be less active. As a result, we are heavier than ever, and our cardiovascular health is on a steady decline.  Exercise stimulates the cardiovascular system, circulates the blood, and improves heart health. Far and away one of the best benefits of exercise.


Benefit 4: energy. I hear it all the time from clients, I went away on vacation, didn't exercise, and I felt like a slug. The truth is unless you are consistently exercising you will see a decrease in your energy. On the contrary, people who exercise on a consistent basis find that they have much better energy than those who do not. Without a doubt energy level is dependent upon exercise.


Benefit 5 weight management.  As we age, our bodies go through a series of changes. Our metabolism begins to slow and our body composition changes. We gain body fat and lose muscle tone.  Without combating these changes, we begin to see side effects in our health such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, among other negative factors. By adhering to an exercise program, you can maintain a healthy weight and prevent those common negative side effects of obesity.


So as you can see, the benefits of exercise are vast. Now these are just five benefits of exercise but the list goes on and on and on. I cannot say enough how beneficial exercise is to one's well-being. However, if you feel that you need help feel free to reach us anytime at Every body's personal trainer.