5 Household Items That Can Be Used as Exercise Equipment

By Eric leader-Owner/Personal Trainer


If youíre not feeling the gym, canít make it that day or donít want a gym membership; it doesnít mean that you should take the day off. As weíve examined before, one missed day turns into weeks. This is counterproductive to your personal goals.

Did you know that you can get into a great workout routine by working out at home? Unfortunately, we donít all have elaborate home-gyms outfitted with free weights, power racks, and resistance bands. The great news is you donít need any of those things to get a great workout at home. Simply just examine what is around you in your home environment! Here are 5 household items that can be used as exercise equipment.

Paper Plates

Yes, these lightweight paper plates can serve as an excellent piece of exercise equipment. Ideally, youíll want to use these in a room that has carpet. Your paper plates can simulate glider discs, allowing you to perform a host of workouts that can target different muscle groups. My personal favorite is to get into a "bear crawl" position with the discs or plates underneath your feet and slide your feet up towards your hands. There are many workouts you can perform with sliding discs/paper plates.

Gallon Jugs

You should be hydrating anyways, right? A gallon of water/milk weighs approximately 8lbs. Better yet, these containers have handles for you. Your gallon jugs are great for free weight exercises. If you donít think that 8lbs is enough weight for your exercises, try increasing the amount of reps in each set or find a 3 gallon jug or two for heavier weights.


Chairs can be used to perform a full body workout at home. One workout that you can perform is a simple tricep dip. You can also take the gallon jugs that you have and simulate dumbbell step-ups. Hold the gallons by your side, and step up onto the chair. Please, watch your head!


Pillows, or couch cushions, are an excellent substitute for BOSU (a Swiss ball sliced in half). Try doing squats while standing on a pillow or couch cushion; it will challenge you to stabilize your core and focus on your balance. You may also try different forms of crunches while sitting on a cushion or pillow; it should add some additional resistance to your movements.


Walls are a great tool for various exercises. Wall-sits are an obvious, but there are many other workouts that can be done using a wall! For example, you can do a one-legged bridge or wall push ups. Get as creative as youíd like!

Working out from home is far from impossible, even if you donít have a state of the art studio. You can find plenty of items around your house that can help you reach your fitness goals.