Diet Plan For Client A.


Overview of Macros/Calories:


Target Caloric Intake: 1500 Calories

Carbohydrates: 100 grams or less per day

Protein: 140 grams

Water consumption per day: 1/2-1 gallon of water

Supplements advised: multivitamin, echinacea, vitamin d3, omega 3, whey isolate protein powder.


Grocery list: (just pick and choose what suits you from the list)


 A/protein sources: lean beef, fish (talopia, salmon, tuna, cod etc), chicken, turkey, eggs, lean steak mainly sirloin, turkey burgers, bison, whey protein powder, nuts, beans.


 B/carbohydrate sources: yams, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, rice (brown preferably), fruit, vegetables, cream of rice, beans, rice cakes, ezekial bread, sweet potatoe fries


C/ snacks recommended can be nuts, seeds, low sugar trail mix, rice cakes, celery with peanut butter, salad, etc.


Breakfast Meals: (add one fruit item if needed for satiation)

a/oatmeal with 3 whole eggs or whites

b/ezekial bread toast w/ 3 whole eggs or whites

c/scrambled eggs

d/gritts w/ eggs


Lunch and Dinner meals (always combine a protein and carb together from grocery list like the following):


A/ grilled chicken and rice

B/fish and sweet potato or sweet potato fries

C/turkey burger w/ ketchup and beans or rice

D/sirloin steak w/ broccoli

E/ground beef with beans or rice




A/always combine protein and carbs

B/space meals into 3-5 small meals throughout day to keep insulin levels stable

C/track calories and carbs 

D/prep meals for the week and have in Tupperware ready to go.  Don't rely on cooking on the run.

E/protein shake post workout

F/Coffee with low sugar creamer or splenda

G/Don't drink calories!!!!  No juices, beer, etc.  Diet soda ok