Principles Of Strength Training

Strength training and adding muscle is a very complex phenomenon that requires a variety of principles in order for results to be manifested. Strength gain and muscular hypertrophy tend to be hand in hand but how do one increase muscle mass and strength? Let's take a look.

In order to increase strength and musculature, there are many principles that need to be adopted. First off in order for a muscle to change it needs to be broken down and stimulated. To stimulate the muscle we need to put an overload and break down the muscles fibers. That overload can be in the form of heavy weight or even slow eccentric movement.

Once those muscle fibers are broken down then the next step is recovery. Making sure to give that muscle group adequate rest is very important. Proper sleep, 7-8 hours per night, is important to ensure proper recovery. Nutrition is also key element in this phase. Increasing muscular size tends to benefit most from the increase protein intake. Make sure you are using quality sources of protein that have a high ratio of amino acids.

Finally, make sure to give each muscle group roughly three to four days of recovery before the next bout of exercise targeting that muscle group. With each workout make sure to change the order of exercises, reps, exercise, and weight. Infuse shock sets or drop sets to make sure you are constantly confusing the muscle. If you adhere to these principles you should see a great increase in muscular size and strength.