6 Reasons to Stop Putting Off Your Next Workout

By Matilda Davies

Even for those of us who see a workout as a reward, there are plenty of days where the motivation to get started just isnít there. But along with the obvious physical benefits, there are a host of other reasons to stop procrastinating your next workout. Here are six of them.


1. Reduce stress

According to the

Mayo Clinic, "stress in almost any form can act as a stress reliever." Exercise pumps endorphins through your brain. Those are the "feel-good" neurotransmitters that make us feel great during and after a workout.

So after a rough day at work, fight the temptation to go home and collapse or to hit happy hour with your coworkers. Get in a good

stress-busting workout insteadóyouíll feel better for it.  

2. Sleep better

Exercise has been proven to help those with chronic insomnia

fall asleep more quickly, and even for those who donít have chronic sleep woes, daily exercise can help you get better quality sleep. 

3. Boost your mental health

There is a clear link between exercise and decreased stress, anxiety, and depression. Getting in a regular workout can help you bust even chronic forms of these diseases. In fact,

some doctors are now prescribing certain types of exercise, like aerobic exercise, for depressionover medication. 

4. Improve your mental performance at work

Working out regularly can

increase alertness, energy, and problem-solving abilitiesóall tools you need during your workday.  

5. Reap the social rewards

Join a gym with a friend or find a gym that you love and connect with fellow members. Use these social connections not only for motivation, but also to keep you accountable.


6. No one ever wishes they hadnít worked out

Iíve never met someone who finished a great workout and wished they hadnít done it. Those rushing endorphins, the physical exhaustion, the pride you feel in doing something well. So the next time youíre tempted to skip your next workout, remind yourself of that great sense accomplishment.