In this entry we're going to talk all about protein. What is protein responsible for, how does it function within your body, and what are good sources of protein. Let's dive on in.

Before we get started it's important to understand the role of protein. Protein is responsible for building, maintaining, and repairing muscle tissue. Protein synthesis aides in recovery, and has many applications in the fitness field. So what are good sources of protein and when should we ingest protein sources?

When discussing protein sources we are looking for sources that contain a good ratio of amino acids, a complete profile of amino acids, and are abundant in branched chain amino acids. Excellent sources of protein include animal sources, eggs, way, nuts, turkey, chicken, Etc. Now when is the best time to take in protein and how much do we need?

Protein requirements vary from source to source however I do believe that it's a good idea to take into consideration your work level in regards to your protein intake. For instance, somebody who is sedentary all day long does not need the same type of protein intake as an athlete. For the general population I believe that .6 to .8 grams per pound of body weight is not a bad place to be. For your average athlete or gym-goer, I believe one gram of protein per pound of body weight will suffice. However if you are a high-level athlete, or somebody who is training at a high level and need heightened recuperation, I believe that 1 to 1.5 grams per pound body weight is a good place.

Finally how should we take in our protein. In my opinion, and this is been backed by numerous sources, it's always a good idea to take in protein every 2 to 3 hours throughout your day, that way your muscles have sufficient amino acid uptake to aide in recovery. The conclusion of your workout is regarded by many as the anabolic window, where protein intake is at its ultimate requirement.

I hope that this entry helps to shed some light on why protein is important, good sources of protein, and when you should be taking in your protein. If you have any questions like always feel free to contact us here at Every body's personal trainer anytime.