April 11, 2017


Standing alt bicep curls: three sets/15 reps

Standing barbell curls: Four sets/15 reps

Seated concentration curls: three sets/15 reps

One arm preacher curls: three sets/15 reps

*all sets with slow tempo

*30 second rest in between sets

*stretch between sets


Spring training program day 1: April 7, 2017


Wide grip pulldowns: pulldowns to the front
Reverse grip pulldowns: right below chin
T-bar rows: as heavy as possible w/ correct form
One arm dumbbell rows: good stretch on bottom
*all exercises three sets
*emphasis on hypertrophy
*one minute rest between sets

Example of a senior program, March 20th, 2017

Ann A.

1/ seated leg raises, 2 sets, 10 repetitions
2/chair squats/3 sets/10 repetitions
3/seated 5lb dumbbell curls/3 sets/10 reps
4/Seated 5lb dumbbell front raises/3 sets/10 reps
5/standing yellow tube front raises/2 sets/10 reps
6/standing yellow tube bicep curls/2 sets/10 reps
7/standing weighted plate front raises/2 sets/10 reps
8/standing dumbbell bicep curls/2 sets/10 reps

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