Today I would like to go over bicep training. What are good exercises for the biceps, and how to perform bicep exercises optimally. Let's dive on it.

As with any muscle group, biceps will respond to intensity, overload, followed by rest and recuperation. It is very important to vary your exercises and to always change your rep ranges, weights, as well as order. So what are the best bicep exercises?

Well, the granddaddy of bicep exercises is the standing barbell curl. The standing barbell curl emphasizes the complete muscle belly of the bicep and by adding weight you can stimulate and create a large overload on the bicep. Be sure to keep your elbows locked in at your side so you do not utilize your back or swing the weight up. Bring the weight up in a controlled manner and lower slowly emphasizing the negative as well.

The next best exercise, in my opinion, is the seated concentration curl. I like to see the concentration curl because by keeping your elbow on your mid-thigh and keeping it in a fixed position you could really emphasize a good contraction as well as a good stretch on the bicep. Definitely one of the best bicep exercises hands down.

They standing alternate dumbbell curl is another favorite. I prefer to start with a pronated grip and to curl the weight up and supinating my wrists at the top. Make sure to squeeze and contract the bicep at the top of the motion and stretch the bicep as you lower.

The last exercise that I always incorporate into my bicep training is seated preacher curl with an EZ bar. I like to use strict form on this movement as it really stimulates the lower bicep and the brachialis.

In summary, these are my favorite exercises to help build the bicep. Make sure, like every other muscle goes, that you emphasize time under tension contraction as well as the eccentric part of the motion. Hopefully, this article helps and I wish you all the best.