The Philosophy of Cheat Meals: A Personal Trainer Explains All

Weight loss can be an incredibly emotional journey.   If you struggle with weight loss, these tricks from our personal trainers in Alexandria may help!

From giving up some of your favorite things to coping with the dramatic lifestyle changes that follow, youíre constantly feeding yourself reasons to stay focused and not abandon your chosen path.

In addition to being a physical test, itís also a test of patience, discipline, faith and optimismóyour mind always oscillating between doubt and perseverance.

Getting fit is hard work; and staying fit, even harder.

But if you can figure out a way to outsmart that inner skeptic, thereís no limit to what you can achieve in the world of health and fitness.

Dos and Doníts of Cheat Meals

No matter how hard you work in the gym, youíve got to supplement it with an appropriate diet plan.

Contrary to popular opinion, eating less doesnít and exercising more isnít always the best diet plan. Changing your diet means incorporating the right amount of protein, fiber and carbs into your diet and cutting down on excess calories.

In other words, you donít have to starve yourself. In fact, you may not even be eating less than beforeóbut youíll definitely be looking at a different plate of food.

"Cheat meals" get a bad rap for being, well, "cheating". But if you follow it with the help of a personal trainer, you may actually find a way to enjoy your fitness journey without disrupting your overall progress.

Hereís how.

Donít: Let Guilt Overpower You

If youíre sneaking in some dark chocolate after midnight, only to feel like a failure the next morning, itís likely to affect your self-esteem and compel you to quit your fitness journey.

Avoid associating "good and bad" food with "good and bad" people. Donít overindulge and be honest with your trainer.

Do: Make "Unhealthy Meals" Healthier

Craving something sweet?

Why not go for a fantastic granola trifle? Or homemade vegan ice-cream?

Thereís a right way to "cheat" and a wrong way to "cheat".

Make health-conscious decisions that challenge your creativity.

Donít: Turn Cheat Days Into Cheat Weeks

Itís tempting, we know. But itís also incredibly damaging to your overall progress. Plan your meals in advance to avoid an unhealthy store-bought snack binge.

Do: Let a Personal Trainer Monitor Your Diet

Personal trainers are great at identifying key areas of your body that need work and planning your diet accordingly. Instead of fat-shaming yourself and feeling miserable, get in touch with a certified nutritionist and trainer who can help you undo the damage in the gym.

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