In this entry I would like to talk about what I think is the most important variable in achieving success in an exercise program. What I am talking about here is consistency. Why is consistency important? And can you be successful if you are inconsistent? Let's take a look.

Of all the important variables including intensity, exercise prescription, you name it, without a doubt consistency is the most important. Your body thrives on consistency and wants to have consistent workouts for it to achieve results. Your body does not thrive off one good week one bad week one good week one bad week.

I know it is tough to be consistent, I mean let's face it life can get a little crazy sometimes. However each workout doesn't have to be the greatest work out of all time as long as you are doing something. It doesn't matter if you go in and do 30% of what you typically do as long as you're doing something and having consistency in your program your body will thrive.

So if I could get one point across it is to be consistent with your exercise program. What you will notice is that you will see slow and steady linear progress which will catapult you and motivate you to continue forward. Wishing you all the best in health.