Get Fit, Keep Fit - Must Know Tips For Starting Your Training Program

By Jane Sandwood

Keeping fit in the USA is a huge and growing industry with figures showing that in 2016 an estimated 57.25 million Americans were members of a gym or leisure facility. However, figures provided by Statistic Brain show that 67% of gym members never use itThese statistics indicate that there is a real desire for Americans to do something about their fitness but very often our busy lives do not allow us to follow through on the very best of intentions.

There are other options available to anyone wishing to take up or follow a fitness program including working out at home. If working from home fits better with your lifestyle, you can opt to create your own training or exercise program, you can buy any number of celebrity endorsed fitness DVD or you can join the growing number of people who use a Personal Trainer to greatly improve your training experience. Regardless of where or what form your fitness program takes, it is important to plan ahead. Planning ahead allows you to chart reasonable progress, keep your expectations in check, and to be more effective. Whatever level of exercise you take on, doing it will boost not only your physical health, but will also make you feel better too.

The building blocks for your training program 

If you have never exercised before or it has been a long time since you did any exercise, the best starting point is a discussion with your medical practitioner. This is even more important the older you are when taking up exercise.

Exercise is the first building stone but you will also need to follow a well-balanced diet to ensure you are getting the right nutrients that support your body for the exercise program you are following. You will also need to ensure you are properly hydrated and getting sufficient sleep to allow your body the time it needs to build and repair itself. Remember, getting fitter, stronger and leaner is a marathon and not a sprint. Long term success requires patience and determination.

 The right tools for the job

So, you know your goals, you know you are physically up to your chosen training program, now you need to ensure you have the right equipment to start. Getting the right workout gear not only makes you feel good, it can greatly enhance your training program. There are some items that you will need to consider regardless of the program you go for. A re-usable water bottle, comfortable clothing, you may consider compression gear that claims to aid training and post workout recovery; sports specific footwear; latest hi-tech gadgets that measure heart rate and calorific burn; headphones or buds, there is nothing more motivating than music whilst you workout; and, digital scales that measure body fat percentage as well as weight, seeing the improvements on the scales is a huge motivator.

Program specific equipment 

An article from Harvard Medical School provides sound advice when considering the most suitable equipment for a wide range of exercise types. The important point is that whatever training or exercise program you opt for, it is crucial that you use the right equipment. This can be anything from the proper running shoes to the right size dumbbells at home or in the gym. 

Getting fit and staying fit is great fun. The physical and mental health that you can get from taking part in any form of exercise is enormous. And, it does not matter what type of fitness program you engage in; whether it is a solo plan in the comfort of your own home, or a team event on your local park, just remember the basics: have a goal, set a program to achieve that goal, and go for it.