6 Ways to Fit Health and Fitness Habits into Your Life

By Justin Bennett

Feel like you never have the time for health and fitness? Youíre not alone. These days, Americans are busier than ever and often find it more difficult to focus on keeping themselves fit, strong, healthy and happy. Thatís bad news for our health. But the good news is that all it takes to improve our wellness is a change in our daily habits and practices. Want to find the time to focus on your own health? You can start by following these easy tips.

Schedule Time for Practice

If youíre always on the go, you may find it easier to stick to healthy commitments by actually keeping them in your schedule. Setting aside dedicated time to work on your goals is a great way to ensure success. Put an energy-boosting workout into your morning schedule, write meal prep into your Sundays or set aside some time on the weekend for some self-care. Staying organized, even when it comes to seemingly trivial tasks, can help you stay on track and make time for the habits that matter most.

Form Habits for Mental Health

Busy people know how to multitask and make the most of their time. Why not apply that same recipe for success to meeting your fitness goals as well? You can find plenty of fun activities that can double as your workout to help improve your body and mind at the same time. Get in a workout at a local climbing gym or get outside with your dog for a calming, calorie-burning adventure. Getting outside and spending time pets are also good ways to fight depression and improve the well-being of those going through addiction recovery.

Let Others Motivate You

Sometimes, a little motivation is all you need to get a workout done. So, find a workout partner or friend who shares your fitness goals and start scheduling time to exercise together. Studies show that workout partners can help each other burn more calories and maintain a healthier weight, while providing positive social interaction. Or, think about hiring a personal trainer to help you reach your fitness goals! Working with a trainer ensures that you get the personalized advice you need, while scheduled workout sessions keep you on track.

Plan and Prep for Success

Eating healthy can be tough for people who are busy and constantly in a rush. Grabbing fast food seems more convenient, but it is bad for your health. Having a meal plan and completing some meal prep can help you stick to your healthy diet goals. Work with a nutritionist or do some research to figure out what plan will work best for your fitness and health goals. Once you have your diet planned out, set aside some time each week for some meal prep sessions. Meal prepping is fairly simple and can make sticking to your plan a little easier throughout the week.

Make Goals Attainable

Having goals for your fitness and health is the best way to form new habits. If those goals are unrealistic, however, you may be more likely to get discouraged and ditch your new habits. As you begin your new wellness adventure, be sure to set attainable goals. Avoid the temptation to turn to crash diets, overly intense workouts or quick fixes. By setting reasonable expectations youíll be less likely to stress yourself out and more likely to see lasting results.

Give Yourself Time to Adjust

Starting a new routine is easy, but sticking to it over time can be pretty tough. It takes time to form a new habit. While many people think two weeks is enough, studies show that it can actually take many weeks to make new habits a part of your normal routine. Itís important to maintain your focus, keep working and donít get discouraged before you see or feel a real difference.

By committing to forming healthy habits, you are taking more control over your life. With these simple changes, you can feel stronger, be healthier and start living your best life yet!

Photo Credit: Pixabay