Change Up Your Routine For Gains

Being a personal trainer I have heard time and time again from clients that I work with how they have tried to lose weight and get in shape in the past with no success. Although there are many factors contributing to this lack of success, one of the most common factors is lack of change of routine. So what does this mean? Let's take a look.

Our bodies are very sophisticated machines and in such like to maintain homeostasis or normalcy. Our bodies like to know what is coming that way it has the resources to combat whatever it needs to combat. Case and point this is why many times clients will not experience results with their own program. Most clients typically will do the same types of activities over and over and over again which can, in the end, lead to a plateau. Once our bodies know what is coming there is no reason for the body to adapt or change or make progress.  As a result, it is important to throw the body a curveball that way it offsets that homeostasis and causes the body to have to retool and adapt. So how can we do this?

In the world of weights, reps, and sets, it is very important to make sure that everything is variable. Always change your exercises, your weights, your reps, and order of exercises. As long as you are always changing your program around you will see progress and results.

If you always walk 30 minutes next time try walking 45 minutes. Maybe try walking hills. Or try a different mode of cardiovascular training. Maybe to the elliptical, or the bike. Vary your routine and always keep your body guessing.

It is important to note that changing your routine and keeping your body guessing it's one of the most fundamental and important principles of exercise. Always challenge yourself and keep a journal. Change the mode of activity and also the intensity as well. If you include these principles in your exercise program you shall see great progress and results.