Common Fitness Mistakes

As a personal trainer of over 15 years, I have seen so many mistakes made by gym-goers that you would not believe it. In this article, I'd like to share with you some of the most common mistakes that I see in an effort to help you prevent making the same mistakes. Let's take a look.
The first mistake I see very often is terrible form. Listen, I'm not saying that everybody needs to hire a personal trainer, but make sure that you research how to perform the exercises before you go to the gym and begin training. Reason being, not only to keep you safe and prevent injury, but if you aren't performing the exercises properly you won't be targeting the muscles properly thus not getting results that you'd like.
The next common mistake is overtraining. You can only progress in your program as fast as you can recover from your workouts. Remember the process is that exercise is the stimulus for change, and the recovery and rest and ultimately the recuperation is what makes for the change. Training too long and too often sometimes has a negative effect and will prevent you from obtaining your results. Make sure you are conscious of the signs of overtraining such as irritability, fatigue, tiredness, etc.
The next mistake that I see very often among gym-goers is using way too much weight. Listen, we all want to think that we're strong and that we can lift a lot of weight and brag to our friends about it. However, if you arenít using proper form and using the muscles to get the weight up, you are just using momentum and you aren't being productive. Use proper form, and the proper weight so that you can move the muscles through the range of motion with proper form and stimulating the muscles directly rather than swinging the weight and using momentum.
I can go on and on but these are just a few of the common mistakes that I see made by gym members.  Remember, always learn and educate yourself on a proper way of doing things or else you're just wasting time. Research what you intend to do, and be sure to make a plan.