In this article we are going to discuss the top exercises for the quadriceps. When training the quadriceps, it's very important to use proper form to keep too much stress off of the knees. In this article we will detail some of the best exercises for overall strength and development of the quadricep.

The first exercise is the granddaddy of them all and that's the barbell squat. Now you can either utilize the barbell in the front which is obviously called the front squat, or the barbell behind the head or the back squat. By doing a front squat, you're putting more overall load on the quadricep. Doing a back squat you are incorporating more of the hamstrings and glutes in the movement.
Next, we have the stationary lunge. The stationary lunge is a great exercise for quad development. Make sure that the back knee is close to touching the ground, this is where most people make their mistake. If you're not going low enough, you're not stimulating the quadricep enough.
Up next, we have the leg extension. The leg extension is a great exercise for knee strength, and overall tightness and toning of the quadricep. Make sure to get a good squeeze on the contraction part of the movement and a good stretch on the bottom
Finally, another great movement for the quadriceps are walking lunges. Walking lunges not only stimulate the quadriceps, but also has an anaerobic benefit as well.
Give these exercises a try and I think you will be impressed with how well they develop the quadriceps.