A question that is often asked is what is more beneficial cardiovascular training or resistance training? I thought this would be a great question to dedicate a post too so let's take a look.

First, let's discuss cardiovascular training. There are very many benefits that one experiences from cardiovascular training. For instance, cardiovascular training helps to burn a high caloric expenditure. Therefore such a caloric expenditure will put you in a better positive balance as far as you are caloric intake goes. Additionally, studies have shown that cardiovascular training can help lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and increase mood and well-being. So without a doubt, cardiovascular training is a great option.

That being said resistance training has great benefits as well. Not only are you building muscle and increasing endurance, but you're also increasing bone mineral density which will help prevent osteoporosis. Not only that but resistance training can help increase your metabolism. By increasing your lean musculature you will be burning more calories at rest as opposed to body fat. Also, resistance training can help prevent muscles from atrophying and losing their integrity.

It goes without saying that both cardiovascular training and resistance training are very beneficial to one's program. Both should always be included and in my opinion, one is no better than the other.