Chris' Workout Routine

Ground Work: (2 rounds)
 A)15 leg raises each leg normal
 B)15 leg raises w/ toe pointed to the side 
 C)Bicycle kicks to failure
 D)From all fours, donkey kicks to failure for glutes and hamstrings

Abdominals (2 rounds)
  A)crunches to failure
  B)crunches w/ knees coming in to meet elbows to work upper and lower abs.
  C)bridge/plank: stabilizing bodyweight while up on toes and elbows, keeping back as flat as possible.  We worked up to 1:45.

Free Weights
   A)standing dumbell bicep curls w/ 12 lbs to failure
   B)standing dumbell shoulder press w/ 12lbs to failure
   C)Tricep extensions w/ dumbell behind head w/ two hands
   D)dumbell front raise for shoulders bringing one arm at a time up to nose level while keeping arm straight not bent.
 Cardio Element
    A)stair walk to failure for two rounds

If not tired, repeat cycle.