Calories: 1800
Carbs: 165
Protein: 200 (every 2-3 hours, 50 grams whey isolate post workout)

1 gallon of water daily

Protein Sourcing: Eggs, fish (tuna, salmon, talopia, etc), whey isolate, steak, beef, chicken, cottage cheese, bison.  Basically anything that walked, swam, or flew lol.

Carb sourcing: oatmeal, brown or white rice, brown or white potatoe, wheat pasta, sweet potatoe, yams, veggies, fruit but only pre or post workout, beans.

Let's take in more carbs early in day and scale down as day goes on, mainly carb cycling, carbs when you need them ie pre and post workout.

Let's do pictures weekly for now, but make sure it's same conditions each time and same goes for weighing as well.


Okay, let's stick to the basics that I've included here to put some more muscle on your body.  Remember, it's all about feeling the muscle contract and stretch, both positive and negative.  The feel is more important than the weight.  Muscle fibers have to be torn to grow.  So, for now, let's emphasize the following w/ pyramiding up in weights:

Barbell flat and incline press
Dumbell fly's both flat and incline
incline and flat dumbell press
Cable crossovers or machine flys
Hammer strength at end of workout when muscles fatigued

Barbell and dumbell curls
Concentration curls
Standing alt dumbell curls
cable curls
preacher barbell and dumbell curls
incline dumbell curls

All pressdown movements
Close grip bench press
skull crushers

Millitary dumbell and barbell press (nothing behind neck)
Front raises
side laterals
upright rows
push press

Bent over barbell rows
t bar rows
one arm dumbell rows
chinups and pullups
lat pulldowns at end when fatigued

Barbell front and back squats
leg extensions
leg press

Stiff leg deadlifts
lying curls