Cardio For Massive Gains?

By Jane Sandwood


The American Heart Association (AHA) expects the total number of heart failure incidents go up and by the year 2030 based on the way things are going right now. The good news, however, is that it can still be prevented. Studies have time and time again shown how along with a healthy diet, regular cardiovascular exercise can help prevent not only heart disease but also a host of other fatal illnesses.
But thatís not all cardio has to offer. Did you know that it can actually help you build muscle? Thatís right. Contrary to popular belief, aerobic exercises will not rob you of your gains and may actually promote better results.
Increased intensity
The first way it does so is by allowing you to lift heavier weights. According to the US Forest Service, your VO2 max or overall aerobic fitness determines the intensity of effort you can put out. Of course, the heavier the weights you lift, the more compelling the stimulus your muscles receive to grow. So, be sure to incorporate activities like running or cycling into your fitness regimen.
Canít go out? Do your cardio training on a stationary bike or treadmill instead. It will not only make the whole thing much more convenient, itíll also allow you to stick to your training schedule regardless of the weather outside. Keep in mind that cardiovascular fitness is one of the first things to go when you stop training. So, youíll need to be consistent if you want to keep enjoying the benefits of your training.
Improved blood circulation
One of the roles of blood is to deliver essential nutrients and oxygen to the different muscles in the body. This means that the better your circulatory system becomes at doing its job, the better your bodyís fuel delivery system becomes. Well, cardio training allows it to do just that. The result is that your muscles get everything they need to grow bigger and stronger.
Supercharge your progress
While it may seem counterproductive, cardiovascular exercises are actually a great way to boost the effectiveness of your resistance workouts. They donít only help you lift heavier weights, but also enable you to recover faster by improving your bodyís blood circulation. Just be sure to eat enough quality calories and get sufficient rest in between training sessions and you wonít ever have to worry about losing any muscle in the process.