Will you make your resolution this year?

I know it's that time of the year again right, New Year's resolutions. However, I also know that studies have shown that majority of you out there will not achieve your New Year's resolutions. Well, fortunately enough I'm here to help you out. Let's hit those New Year's resolutions. This is how we are going to do it.

First we need accountability. I want you to tell all your friends, all your family, etc. about your goals. That way they will hold you accountable. If you are missing workouts, if you are eating badly, Etc. they will be there to keep you accountable. Accountability is huge. If friends and family canít help, hire a personal trainer.

Next, what I want you to do is prepare your meals. Most times, we don't reach our goals because our diet is not on point. The reason why is usually time is a factor. What I want you to do is prepare your meals ahead of time. Put it in your refrigerator, store in Tupperware, and just make sure that it's ready to go.

I also want you to write a diary. In this diary I want you to outline your fitness plan, your nutrition plan, Etc. Each day I want you to jot down the exercise that you perform that day, and also your diet. Make sure you're keeping track of your calories, your carbs, Etc. A journal is very important. Each day I want you to look at your journal that way you can tell what is helping you reach your goals and what is not.

Join Instagram. What do I mean by join Instagram? There are a lot of great community groups on Instagram that can help to keep you accountable. Whether your goal is to lose weight, adhere to a ketogenic diet, or gain weight, there are plenty of communities on Instagram that are there for support and accountability. Join Instagram.

Finally, pictures. I recommend posting pictures either on your Instagram page, or Facebook page dedicated to fitness. That way you can see the changes in your progress, or lack thereof. Joining one of those communities can help keep you motivated, and keep you accountable. Post your pictures and you can get a better idea through friends and yourself whether you're making progress or not.

So are you going to hit your New Year's resolutions this year? The last ingredient is going to be motivation. I want you in your journal to write down what motivates you. Why do you want this? What are you willing to do to reach it? And in your journal I want you to jot down things that will motivate you. Reason being there are going to be times where you don't feel like doing it. They're going to be times where you want to give up. This is when this journal of motivation as they come in handy.

Finally I wish you all the best of luck in reaching New Year's goals. As a personal trainer, I know that exercise is the easiest thing to get into, and the easiest thing to get out of. Keep your goals on the forefront of your mind and always stay motivated. Best of health