I had a question from a client today which I thought was kind of interesting. The question was if I were to pick one exercise for each body part what would it be? Let's take a look.

If we are looking at chest, the most beneficial exercise in my opinion is dumbbell flyes. Dumbbell flyes give you the greatest stretch of the chest, and you hit every fiber in the outer and the inner chest through the exercise.

For biceps it will be the seated concentration curl. You can really focus on the stretch and the squeeze of the contraction on top in this exercise. An awesome exercise for biceps.

For triceps one arm tricep extensions behind the neck with a dumbbell are the best my opinion. Works that long head of the tricep and really focuses a great workload on the triceps.

For shoulders, I am still going to be partial to overhead shoulder press. Make sure that you're very careful however because this exercise can wreak havoc on your rotator cuff.

For back the best and always will be is going to be pull-ups. Pull-ups and chin-ups are the best and stimulate most fibers of the back.

Quads the granddaddy is always going to be the squat. Whether its body weight, barbell, dumbbell you name it the squat is always going to be king.

For hamstrings without a doubt stiff-legged deadlifts. If you try these you will know why you will feel that soreness for days.

So there are a bunch of exercises for each body part that are in my opinion The Best of the Best. So if you are stuck for time or looking for a good exercise to focus on definitely include these in your program.