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Looking For Personal Trainers in Arlington, Virginia?

In response to COVID-19, virtual personal training is now available!

Initiating a program with a personal trainer in Arlington is the smartest and most effective way to achieve your health and fitness goals. If you are interested and searching around for personal trainers in Arlington, VA, then you came to the right place!. Our certified fitness instructors will devise a fitness and nutritional program specially tailored to target your particular requirements. Our company offers fitness and nutrition plans for people of all walks of life and fitness levels. If you are ready to get started, we can produce a program that will help you to reach those goals expeditiously and safely.

Finally, you can enjoy having one of Virginia's best personal trainers serve you in the luxury and privacy of your own home. Our in-home personal trainers in Arlington will deliver the equipment specified for your program to give you a fantastic workout in the leisure of your home. Finally, stop paying those astronomical prices for sessions! Our fitness sessions cost as little as $55 per hour, so no more being overcharged for your workouts! Your goals are paramount, and we will never overcharge our clients! Give us a call today to begin on your path to realizing your goals with one of our fitness coaches.

Our company welcomes you to experience our free, no obligation, consultation. We genuinely feel that our team can assist you in attaining your goals, but we want to show it and merit your business. Our team takes our customer service very seriously, and our clients mean the world to our staff. If you have any insights or concerns on how we can better our service, we would love to hear from you. We are continually aiming to improve and offer the soundest fitness training services in the region, and we would love to hear what you have to say. On account of our crew at Every Body's Personal Trainer, I only have one inquiry for you. "Why leave home, we'll bring the gym to you!"

If you are eager to get going, you can beckon us anytime at (443) 615-2702. If you'd prefer to email us with your goals and contact information, you can email us at eric@everybodyspersonaltrainer.com.

We look forward to hearing from you and displaying only the best in customer service!


The best personal trainers in Arlington, Va:

Trainer Vicky

Arlington Personal Trainer Vicki

Virtual and in-home training available-Arlington

Trainer David

Trainer David

As a personal trainer in Arlington for many years, David specializes in cardiovascular training, exercise science, weight loss and body fat reduction, senior fitness, and more. 

Online and in home training available-VA

Personal Trainer Monica

Arlington Personal Trainer Monica Romig

Monica is certainly considered one of the most esteemed personal trainers in the Arlington area.  Some of her specialties include senior fitness, body fat reduction, female fitness, youth fitness, and much more. 

Virtual and in-home training available-Arlington

Instructor Sean

Arlington Personal Trainer Sean Hershman

Sean is an amazing coach and clients seek his knowledge for bodybuilding, muscle gain and strength increase, weight loss, and much more. 

Online and in-home training available. 

Trainer Brandon


Brandon is a personal trainer in Arlington who is an expert in strength and athletic training, cardiovascular fitness, senior fitness, and more. 

Virtual and in home training available-Arlington 

Personal Trainer Arlington Claudia

Claudia Booker

Claudia specializes in-home and online personal training . 

Virtual and in-home training available-Va

Arlington Trainer Nick

Richard Ghoneim

Offers training online and virtually.

Arlington Personal Trainer Jeremy

Jeremy offers only online personal training in Arlington.

Contact Information For Our Personal Trainers in Arlington

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all.

(443) 615-2702

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Arlington Personal Training and COVID-19

With the current climate concerning COVID-19, Every Body's Personal Trainer is taking every precaution to protect our clientele. All of our Arlington personal trainers are adhering to CDC guidelines and the safety and advocacy of our service are our highest priority.

We understand the reluctance to workout in a public gym, and we want our clientele to know and our service is not only convenient but safe. We will never stray from our goal of providing the safest and most convenient personal training service possible.

Certified, Supportive, and Result-Motivated Personal Trainers in Arlington

Our job, here at Every Body's Personal Trainer, is to motivate clients by assisting in setting goals as well as giving feedback and instilling accountability. We calculate clients' strengths and weaknesses with recurrent fitness assessments and ensure our client’s fitness and nutritional programs are adapted throughout their fitness journey to ensure progress and results. All of our coaches within our company are highly motivated and driven.  We are passionate about what we do and wish to relay only the best in customer service.

At Every Body's Personal Trainer, we’re committed to accommodating and helping you reach your fitness goals.

We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to working out here.  It doesn't matter if you are a parent, high-level athlete, or complete novice, we are here to help and guide you every step of the way.

Call us today to get started at 443 615-2702, we look forward to meeting you.

Arlington Va

Reasons To Try A Personal Trainer In Arlington

Working with a personal trainer in Arlington offers dozens upon dozens of incredible benefits to our clients - far too many to cover.

No matter what your age and fitness backgrounds are, what results you’ve seen so far, and what your goals going forward are, a fitness trainer can be an invaluable companion on your fitness journey.

What’s more, a competent coach can help you overcome dreaded plateaus, establish life-long habits, stay safe while training, and, perhaps even more importantly, show you that fitness isn’t as complicated as you may have been led to believe.

With that, here are five underrated benefits of hiring a personal trainer.


We Can Help You Overcome Your Plateau

Fitness plateaus come in many shapes - lack of weight loss, strength and muscle gain, improvement in athleticism, and so on. They also vary in length and intensity - from as little as a couple of weeks to entire years of no progress. Some hit plateaus early, while others reap benefits for years before encountering one.

One thing is clear - plateaus can be very disheartening and quite frustrating. Many people find themselves quitting fitness precisely because of them. Even though they are putting in the work regularly, they don't see any progress to show for it.

A good personal trainer can help assess your situation and draft an actionable plan for you to overcome your plateau quickly and with grace. More importantly, they can help diagnose where you went wrong, so you learn and never repeat the mistake.

We Help You Establish Life-Long Habits

According to psychologists and neurobiologists, between 40 and 95% of our actions, beliefs, and things we say are habit-based. This is incredible to think about because it suggests that we often function on autopilot - more often than not. Moreover, this is undoubtedly the case when it comes to fitness.

Many people believe that fitness is about willpower and discipline, but it’s often the product of habits - what you eat, how (and how often) you exercise, how active you are overall, and what beliefs you hold.

What’s great is that a good fitness instructor can help you establish these life-long fitness habits that are going to help you transform your body, mind, and belief system.

You Get Quick and Better Results

It’s certainly possible to learn everything on your own through trial and error. Also, while many people take this route, that doesn’t make it any better.

The fact is, fitness has a lot of moving parts, and learning how to click everything into place takes a lot of perseverance and time - years, in most cases.

Hiring a personal trainer in Arlington can help by giving you a sort of a short cut through this journey of learning. Rather than waste time on ineffective strategies and do every mistake imaginable, you learn what truly works, as well as what doesn’t. This allows you to get quicker and better results, especially as a beginner.

We Help Keep You Safe and Away From Injuries

Training safely is the most important factor for longevity. Injuries are often painful, and some can last for a very long time. So, if you’re looking to make the best progress and stay fit and healthy for years, you need to do things properly.

A significant issue here is the fact that many beginners learn how to train from friends and fellow gym-goers, who are often clueless.

Luckily, a good personal trainer can show you how to warm-up properly, how to execute each exercise, and what common mistakes to avoid. All of this is going to help keep you safe and away from injuries.

We Can Show You That It’s Not As Scary or Complicated As You May Have Believed

From the outside, fitness often looks terrifying and very complicated, especially to beginners. There seems to be so much going on in the quest of getting fit. Walk into a big gym for the first time, and you’ll likely feel a bit overwhelmed with the incredible array of exercise equipment.

However, it doesn’t have to be as complicated. Simple solutions often work better than complicated ones, and a good coach can show that to you.

Moreover, a good coach can help simplify things for you and make everything effective, easy to understand, and simple to implement.


Need More Reasons To Hire An Instructor?

Accountability in your exercise plan. Accountability is a perfect reason to hire a personal trainer. Many times people will have gym memberships, with every intention to go to the gym to get their workout performed. However, many times people will not make it to the gym and will decide to skip. Now, unfortunately, the gym will not call you and ask you where you are. Being held accountable is how a personal trainer can help you. Accountability is a major benefit of working with a trainer.  Working with an exercise specialist will give you accountability and consistency.

Injury prevention. Safety is another significant reason to work with a professional. I think sometimes we forget that exercise and fitness can be dangerous, especially if you are new and just beginning. Not only that but as we age and become a little less in shape, the risk of injury from exercise increases. Therefore it is very beneficial to work with a professional to make sure you don't injure yourself.  Our experienced and well educated team of coaches hold fitness certifications including the American Council on Exercise, National Academy of Sports Medicine, American College of Sports Medicine, and other top of the line industry certifications.

Fun exercises to keep you fit. Let's face it, a lot of us do not like to work out because we don't find it to be very enjoyable or fun. Working with somebody can be a lot more entertaining and enjoyable than working out by yourself. The camaraderie between the instructor and the client can result in teamwork which will help propel you to reach your goals. Not only that, but the instructor with their knowledge base can introduce different activities that you may find enjoyable.


Our personal trainers in Arlington specialize in:

  1. nutrition and dietary analysis 

  2. muscle gain and hypertrophy 

  3. bodybuilding 

  4. senior fitness and increasing quality of life 

  5. women's fitness 

  6. flexibility and enhanced range of motion 

  7. athletic and sports specific training 

  8. assessments including body fat 

  9. group training teenage fitness and exercise prescription 

  10. and much more

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What Are Clients' Saying?

Over the new year, I dedicated myself to making exercise a more significant part of my life. Not knowing much about this field I decided to hire a fitness professional. It's only been a few weeks, and I have made tremendous progress working with my coach. The staff here is very knowledgeable, and you could rest assured that you're in great hands.

Sandy Rhodes

Arlington Va

My wife and I decided to sign up and work out together trying to achieve our fitness goals. I was a bit hesitant to start but having her and my trainer push me has helped me exercise above and beyond what I would usually do by myself. I finally see the progress, and now I'm addicted to working out. It's fun to feel like I'm in shape for the first time in a long time.

Bill Rodger

Arlington, VA

I was always fit and an athlete my whole life but unfortunately lost my way as I got older and started working more within my profession. Due to this, I have found that my energy level and stamina has been compromised. Deciding to hire a coach has been well worth the investment. These guys and gals are very knowledgeable and good at what they do. You can trust them, and I highly recommend their company.

Mike Reily


Depression and anxiety have always been staples in my life, unfortunately. After being at the lowest of my low, I decided that I needed to change my diet and my exercise patterns to feel better. Having somebody be my coach and be beside me to help me through the fire has helped so much that you have no idea. My personal trainer is down to earth and not intimidating which is what I needed because I do suffer from anxiety and fortunately.

Jill E.
Arlington, Va

Not feeling like you're in shape and being able to conquer the world is not a good feeling. Working so much and not paying attention to my health has always been a pattern and one that I needed to break. I found your website after searching on Google and decided to commit to being better and feeling better. This company is amicable and not elitist and welcomes you with open arms.

Erika Master
Arlington, Va

As I have grown older exercise and my well-being has not been at the forefront of my mind. My health, unfortunately, has reflected that as my blood pressure and cholesterol are very high. It is very hard sometimes to make a change, and sometimes we all need a little bit of help. You can count on this team to help you through and become your friend in your battle.

Eric Easton
Arlington, Va


Four Things to Look For in an Arlington Personal Trainer:

(1). Building of confidence

Working together with a trainer helps in boosting your level of confidence. They bring out the best of you by encouraging and understanding you with much positivity. Additionally, you can achieve your goals with their help as you continue to improve the way your body feels, looks and operates daily.  Choosing to do it alone is challenging since you will be your inspiration source, but with their intervention, you not only gain more confidence in yourself but also on your abilities.

(2). Fun

Since the activities that are done during the exercise varies, a trainer can make the session fun by getting you out of the usual routines. They can design a challenging program that will require you to self-compete by introducing new exercises and adding more variables to your routine activities and making your working out more enjoyable.

(3). Achieve success in your other areas of life.

Your engagement with the trainer will help you to develop some forms of habits, and certain mindsets together with adopting a lifestyle philosophy that will lead to improvement of your spiritual, mental and emotional well-being. The motivation from your trainer enables you to deepen relationships, get away from the things holding you back as you reach new heights at your workplace.

(4). Accountability

A trainer will assist you in being accountable for your exercises as well as nutrition, and therefore you can give the needed attention to your lifestyle changes you will be making. https://fitness.edu.au/15-benefits-personal-trainer/

Are you ready to make the investment in yourself? A personal trainer can help!

Arlington Personal Training

What It's Like To Personal Train In Arlington

Being fit isn't just all about the weight room and being cooped up indoors.  Many of our clients in Arlington prefer to get cardio while walking around The Arlington Historical Museum or even shopping at  Pentagon City.  Many of our Arlington clients also enjoy viewing the Pentagon Memorial or the Arlington National Cemetery.  If you are interested in other forms of recreation feel free to contact us.

Arlington Forest Park: Arlington Forest Park is one of a couple of parks that our clients tend to frequent, the other being Virginia Highlands Park.

Virginia Highlands Park : Virginia Highlands Park is a great location for those cardio workouts. The park is 20 acres and also consists of a baseball diamond, tennis courts, and basketball courts.


Not located in Arlington?  We also provide personal training in McLean, Fairfax, Alexandria, Tysons Corner, Vienna, and many other locations throughout Northern Virginia.


In-home versus gym personal training

Get home from work, obviously tired from the day, and rather than collapsing on the sofa like you want to do, you grab your gym bag and head to the gym. You get changed while surrounded by interesting people, (like that one person who always walks around naked for some reason?), and you wonder why you didn't just get changed at home? That's right because if you spent any longer at home, you wouldn't have left the house.

And then to top it off, when you get into the gym, it is packed full of loud, sweaty, grunting guys, and girls wearing gym leggings so tight the word camel toe has taken on a new meaning…

You get through your workout as best as you can, moving from one available machine to the next one, with no real plan, and you start to feel a little self-conscious because you don't really have a plan, whereas everyone else seems like they do.

Moreover, afterwards, you are left with a harrowing decision. 

Get in your car all sweaty and horrible, greeting your family as a mess, or brave the gym showers, where that oddball from earlier is still strutting around in the nude.

Why does being fit and healthy need to be so hard?

What if you could bypass the traveling, and odd gym goers and be guided along with what you need to do, all the while being gently motivated and kept on track.

Essentially the fitness equivalent of having your cake and eating it!

Well, you can. For people who don’t like the gym, but want to get fit, the answer is quite simple. Rather than go to a personal trainer, have the personal trainer come to you!

Rather than going to the gym, it can come to you! No more feeling self-conscious while you train, no more excuses to not train, and no more wasting your precious time. 

All you need to do prior is throw on some workout clothes, and it doesn’t even matter if they match!

As they say, losing weight isn’t the challenge; it’s keeping it off!

I mean, look at the benefits of in-home personal training;

 Saves you TIME
 Saves you MONEY
 Keeps you on track and ACCOUNTABLE
 Done in the COMFORT of your own home
 By far the most CONVENIENT method of Personal Training

Both in home and gym personal training have their benefits, however, which one do I think is more beneficial? Well, that is a difficult question to answer but let's look at some of the benefits one may receive from in-home personal training versus gym training.

By training at home, you save the time and the gas of having to travel out to the gym.

When exercising at home, you can focus solely on your workout and not have to worry about getting dressed in cool workout attire or even doing your hair and makeup. You can relax and enjoy the comfort of your very own home and focus solely on your workout.

When performing your exercise at the gym, you are confined to the gym floor space whereas with in-home personal training you can take advantage of both indoor space and outdoor space which allows for you to include different types of activities to keep the client interested.

Sometimes at the gym you have to deal with puddles of sweat on benches and dirty not well-maintained locker rooms. When exercising at home, you could shower and enjoy the cleanliness of your very own home environment.

When training at home many times your family might be interested in joining you, and thus it becomes a family activity. Sometimes it's fun to include the family especially if you have a busy schedule and don't tend to be able to spend much time with your family.

Sometimes when working out at the gym, you can feel that gym intimidation whereas when you exercise at home, you don't have to worry about being intimidated or of other people watching you.

So as you can see in home personal training does have benefits that gym training does not have. So which one is best for you? That depends on the individual.

Wishing You and Yours the Best of Health!!!!

Have one of Arlington's best personal trainers work with you in the comfort of your own home.  Our personal trainers in Arlington, Virginia will bring the equipment necessary to give you a great total body workout in the convenience of your home.  Give us a call today to get started on your path to achieving your goals.

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