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Personal Trainers in Gambrills, Crownsville or Millersville

If you are in search for personal trainers in the Gambrills/Crownsville area, you came to the right place. We here at Every body's personal trainer have the best in-home personal trainers in Gambrills / Crownsville, however we want to prove it. First off, what is in-home personal training?

Rather than going to the gym to workout or to meet with your fitness instructor, our personal trainers in Gambrills/Crownsville will meet you at your home with all the equipment ready for your workout. So that means no more busy smelly gyms, and no more wasted money on gym memberships, or missed workouts, our personal trainers will bring the gym to you.

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However we know that you may have some apprehension or questions that you want answered before working with a fitness instructor. Therefore, we always offer a free, no obligation consultation with one of our home personal trainers in Gambrills/Crownsville. We know that you will enjoy working with our staff, however we want to put your concerns at ease and allow you to have all of your questions answered ahead of time.

So if you're ready, feel free to contact us anytime at 443-615-2702 to book your free consultation today. We look forward to meeting you.


Trainer Bernadette

In Home Personal Trainer Bernadette Stouten



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Owner Eric

Personal Trainer Eric Leader-Owner/Personal Trainer. 

Eric is the owner of Every Body's Personal Trainer, and he is a personal trainer in Gambrills.


Trainer Jamie

Jamie Knight

Trainer Laura

Laura Levengard


We at Every Body's Personal Trainer would love to help you achieve a healthier, and more active lifestyle.  Our personal trainers in Gambrills are very passionate about what they do, and would love to assist you in making fitness fun and exciting, not just a chore.  Our in-home personal trainers will start you off with a free consultation.  The consultation is your chance to get to know your personal trainer, and we recommend having plenty of questions to ask.  Our personal trainers are the best of the best, and we want to prove it. 

At Every Body's Personal Trainer, many of our in home personal trainers live in Gambrills.  Our in-home personal trainers in Gambrills would love to set you up with a free, no obligation consultation.  So what happens at this consultation with one of our personal trainers in Gambrills?

At the consultation, our in home personal trainers will also ask about your current exercise patterns, you goals, as well as your past injuries and areas of concern.  Our personal trainers are here to help, and we want to know everything about you (almost everything :).  We at Every Body's Personal Trainer consider our clients our friends, and we all have one mutual goal, ACHIEVING RESULTS!!!  It doesn't matter when, our personal trainers are always there for you.  Rain or shine, our in home personal trainers in Gambrills will be at your door, excited to give you a great workout.  So let's get started today!!!


  "Gambrills, Millersville, and Crownsville's Best In Home Personal Trainers"

1). Achieving the kind of intensity experienced with a personal trainer is very hard to attain while training alone.

2). The encouragement received from a personal trainer is very motivating.

3.) Accountability!!!

4.) The knowledge of the personal trainers is very beneficial.

5.) Safety, and learning how to use correct form while performing exercises.

6.) Our personal trainers in Gambrills will make you do cardio!!!

7.) Programs are tailored to the client's specific needs and wants.

8.) With our in home personal trainers in Gambrills, results come a lot quicker.

9.) Working with a personal trainer prevents against wasted time in the gym trying to achieve goals.

10.) It's fun!!!



How Can A Personal Trainer In Gambrills/Crownsville Help Me?

As the owner of Every body's personal trainer, I know and understand the importance of working with a personal trainer. However, I can certainly understand the questions and apprehensions that a prospective client may have before working with a personal trainer. So how can a fitness instructor really benefit you and help you achieve your goals?

Far and Away, I believe that the most important factor is accountability. I hear it time and time again with all our clients, that accountability is the most important reason to work with a personal trainer. It's very easy to miss workouts, and by having that person to be accountable to you gain consistency with your plan.

Another common reason given is consistency. Consistency is a very important element in achieving your goals. A lot of times gym-goers will have one good week here, one good week there, and then fall off the wagon. Your body does not thrive on inconsistency, and needs that consistency in workouts. This is where a personal trainer can also help.

Exercise prescription and plan structure is another way an instructor can benefit their clients. Let's face it, although we like to believe we know what we're doing, maybe we don't really know. But having a professional write the plan, you know that you are going to training optimally and not wasting time not seeing results.

Results is probably the most common reason to work with a professional. Exercise is not always the easiest thing to do, and the worst thing in the world is exercising and not seeing results. Results are major motivator which will aide in adherence to your plan. So it is very important to see results and to see them fast. Working with a professional you'll have a structured plan that is designed optimally, and tailored towards your individual wants and needs which will help you see results faster.

So as you can see from the reasons listed above, it is very beneficial to work with a professional.


Personal Training In Gambrills/Crownsville

Gambrills and Crownsville have something for everyone! From malls to parks, to memorials, there is truly something for everyone in Gambrills and Rockville, MD. 

In the Gambrills and Crownsville area, there are many great parks which are excellent for outdoor fun.  Bell Branch Dog Park located at 2400 Davidsonville road in Gambrills, is a great location where many of our clients love to get exercise by walking their dogs.  The park includes a small dog area, benches, drinking water, and shade.

Looking for shopping? Try The Village At Waugh Chapel, the perfect location for clients to get in cardio during those dreary winter months. From restaurants and cafes, to shops with over 60 different stores, you can find it all at The Village At Waugh Chapel, which is located at 1326 main chapel way in Gambrills.

Silly Sisters Consignment and Gifts is another great place our clients love to visit. From c
onsignment Shops, to Estate Sales, Silly Sisters Consignment & Gifts is a favorite of our staff and clients. You can finds them at 1321 generals highway in Crownsville. We know you will love their shops like we do.

If you still have questions in regards to personal training please take a look at these two great websites:



Have one of Gambrills's best personal trainers work with you in the comfort of your own home.  Our personal trainers in Gambrills, Crownsville, or Millersville  will bring the equipment necessary to give you a great total body workout in the convenience of your home.  Give us a call today to get started on your path to achieving your goals with one of our in home personal trainers in Gambrills.