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Top Five ways to keep the Weight off During the Holidays

1.) Try to avoid overeating, eat in moderation. There is a tendency to eat way too much. Try to eat more frequent smaller meals, rather than huge ones.

2.) Try to balance out caloric intake with caloric expenditure. Inevitably your caloric intake will be high, so try to exercise to burn the extra calories taken in.

3.) Drink water! Try to stay away from sodas, juices, alcohol, etc. Save your calories. Water is calorie free and is much better for you.

4.) Have fun! Try playing with the kids, playing a game of touch football, etc. Be active. Try to burn calories, in as many ways as you can.

5.) Do not neglect your exercise program. Try to keep your sessions, and if you cannot, make sure you engage in some form of intense exercise. Go for a walk (preferably on an incline), use a cardio piece, etc. Make sure to keep active.


Avoiding the seasonal cold

One of the hardest things to deal with during the winter season is the perpetual cold. Not only can having a cold make you feel lethargic, but it can also hinder progress in an exercise program. Due to the inability to breathe well with a cold, breathing can be a lot more challenging. Try some of these tried and true ways of preventing a cold.

1.) Try carrying a small hand sanitizer in your pocket such as purel. Be sure to use after working out at the gym, or any activity where germs can be transmitted.

2.) Try to avoid contact to your mouth, ears, or eyes with your fingers. Those are the common ways germs enter your body.

3.) Drink plenty of fluids especially water. This will help to flush the toxins out of your body and keep you healthy.

4.) Try to get plenty of rest and limit stress. Being sleep deprived can reek havoc on your body as well as your immune system. In addition, stress can have many adverse effects on your body weakening your immune system.

5.) Try to continue to exercise. Unless your cold has gotten much worse, try to workout. Working out can stimulate your immune system and help you fight off that cold.

Try some of these tried and true ways of keeping healthy during the winter season. Hopefully the winter season finds you in good health.


Calisthenics Program

Repeat the sequence 3X with little rest in between exercises:

A. Jumping Jacks
B. Push Ups
C. Step Ups
D. Mountain Climbers
E. Floor leg Raises
F. Bicycles
G. Ball Squats
F. Squat Thrusts
G. Core work i.e. flat and decline crunches, ball pass, etc.



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