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Home Gym Consultation & Design

® Assistance with Purchase of Quality Home Gym  Equipment                                       

® Design & Lay Out of Home Gym Equipment

® Personalized Instruction for the Entire Family


Owning a home gym has never been more affordable.  With the increased popularity of home gyms and innovative production techniques, owning a home gym can be a cost effective alternative to a membership at a commercial gym

If you are serious about getting in shape and creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family a home gym is an outstanding asset.  A home gym allows you to extend your workouts outside a gym or fitness studio.  Think of the time you could save by working out at home!  You will love the additional free time owning a home gym adds to your day.

Setting up a home gym can be challenging.  With so many choices in equipment, it is necessary to understand exercise in order to choose the appropriate equipment that will fit your needs, body size and budget, space and products of lasting quality.

The following are some of the basic equipment consideration when designing an In home gym:

Dumbells: A must have for the home gym.  They are compact,    convenient, and will allow you to work a large range of muscle groups.

Work Out Bench:  A work out bench allows you to position your body in a precise position to target specific muscle groups.  It allows you to remain stable and immobile during each exercise.  This serves to position  the body in such a position that certain muscles are correctly presented for maximum effect.  A quality workout bench must be adjustable.  This allows you to change the angle of the bench which is critical in targeting key muscle groups.

Fitness Balls:  A fitness ball will allow you to target specific muscle groups as well as additional muscle groups not being targeted.  A fit ball can be used for the abdominal, lower back, tricep and chest work..

Universal Machine:  A universal gym is a single piece of equipment designed to facilitate every major weight based exercise found in commercial gyms.  For the home gym, the universal set up combines the best of form and function.  This may be the single most expensive piece of equipment purchase for your home gym much like the cardio machine.

Cardiovascular Machine: A cardio routine is an essential aspect of keeping the body healthy as well as in losing weight.  Having home access to cardio equipment allows you to do a complete workout in the comfort of your own home.  The best cardio machines on the market today are elliptical trainers.  

Don’t purchase what the Salesperson tells you is good!

I will assist you from the initial stages of your In Home Gym purchase-In store trial of equipment ensuring it is quality, versatility, fits your needs, body size and budget!


Call me today for an initial consultation !

(443) 615-2702

Email:   eric@everybodyspersonaltrainer.com

Website: www.everybodyspersonaltrainer.com



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