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A Little About Fitness Assessments

Have you ever heard a trainer talk about a fitness evaluation or re-evaluation? What is the importance of these evaluations? When should they be done? What do the results represent?

In fitness, as with anything else in life, it is important to get results. Lets face it, working out is not the easiest thing to do, however, it is very beneficial, and positive results can be very motivating. One of the best ways to chart results and progress with an exercise program is through a fitness evaluation. What is included in a fitness evaluation?

Fitness evaluations can include a number of different tests to evaluate progress. One test in particular is the resting heart rate. A resting heart rate measurement is an indication of how hard your heart is working to pump out blood while at rest. A resting heart rate between 60-80 beats per minute is considered to be healthy, with 60 bpm being on the more beneficial end of the spectrum. Another good indicator of progress is the body-fat test. There are many different ways of measuring body fat. The gold standard, and most accurate, would be hydrostatic weighing in which the subject is submersed in water. Hydrostatic weighing, however, isn't practical in most settings. Skin fold body fat measurements, in which a skin fold caliper is used, tend to be the most effective both in a practical sense and in regards to accuracy. Measurements are taken at the chest, abdomen and thigh of a male and the tricep, suprailiac and thigh for the woman.

Circumferences are also a good indicator of progress used during assessments. Based on the client's goals, circumferences give an indicator of weight loss and/or muscle gain.

The ebelling sub max test is also performed quite often in assessments. This sub max test is performed on the treadmill and gives a good indication of aerobic capacity and cardiovascular endurance.


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Ten Great Tips To Achieve That Body You Always Wanted


1.)Map out a plan-getting in great shape requires having a plan of action. Without a plan a fitness regimen has no direction and will not succeed.

2.)Set goals-goals keep you focused and ensures progress. Make sure to set realistic, measurable, and attainable goals. Make sure to set short term, intermediate, and long term goals.

3.)Keep a dietary log-nutrition is the difference between somebody who looks in great shape, and somebody who just works out. Keeping a log will help to keep you more cognizant of what you are putting into your body.

4.)Get everybody on the same page-when trying to succeed in an exercise program, it helps to have significant others, siblings, children, etc aware of your goals. This can help with adherence as well as motivation.

5.)Lift weights-lifting weights will help to add muscle tissue, which burns way more calories at rest than body fat. Lean muscle will increase your metabolism and give you that "tone" look.

6.)YOU MUST DO CARDIO-you can lift all the weight you want, but the cardio will melt down that body fat so that you can see the fruits of your labor. Cardio must be done at least three times a week for at least a half an hour. Keep the intensity high, get in the target heart rate range.

7.)Be consistent-exercise and nutrition only work if they are done consistently. YOU MUST make sure you get your workouts in, if you do not, do not expect the results you desire.

8.)Be intense-anybody can step foot in a gym. Those that get the results reach deep, and give it everything they have.

9.)Have fun-the more fun you have in your program, the more likely you will stay with it.

10.)Don't give up-exercise adherence is very low, and for good reason. Exercise is not easy, however, those who do not give up or get frustrated WILL see the results.


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