What Supplements Do I Need?


As a personal trainer in Silver Spring, I'm often asked numerous questions, one of which is which supplements should I use? Before I go into my answer, I want to make sure to advise you to speak with your doctor and that my advice is merely just that, advice.


So what is my view on supplements? Well, my answer is going to be that a supplement should only be just that, a supplement. You should try to get all the vitamins and minerals and macros from your diet while eating a good cross-section of foods. Now obviously we are all busy and often times don't have the ability or time to get everything we need to through our diet.  In such a situation, supplements could be of good use and help you receive what you are deficient in without having to go through your diet.


For instance, if you are a bodybuilder or athlete and you find that you are not meeting your protein requirements, supplementing with a protein shake may be a viable solution.  The same goes for vitamins and minerals. Many of us are deficient for instance in vitamin D, so it may not be a bad idea to get a supplement form of vitamin D.


There are a few supplements however that I do feel can help the average person. Omega-3 fatty acids are on the top of the list, and have been studied thoroughly and the results have proven to be very beneficial.  I also am a big believer in echinacea for stimulating and keeping the immune system strong, and I also feel that a multivitamin could be an excellent insurance policy if your diet is not up to par.


However, the main take-home message here is that you are better served trying to get everything you need from your diet and proper nutrition.  Too many people are relying upon supplements, protein bars, shakes, Etc. and not focusing on using real food.  Eating a well-balanced diet takes a lot of preparation and prep time, and requires a well-thought-out plan.  As always, if you are looking for help always feel free to contact us at everybody's personal trainer.