Important factors in weight training


As a novice, or somebody just getting started in the weight training realm, it can be hard to figure out where to begin.  First I think it's important to understand the science of weight training. During weight training, you are breaking down the muscle and once that muscle repairs itself you get muscle hypertrophy or growth.  Thus exercise is only the stimulus for that process.  Another important factor to understand is that that muscle must recover in order for it to progress.


Given this fact, in designing a weight training program, it is important to instill a split training program in which each muscle is given adequate rest. Train the push muscles one day and the pull muscles another day, and legs on a separate day. This type of split training will give each muscle adequate time to recover.  Other important factors to understand are intensity and the mind muscle connection.  In order for a muscle to change, it has to be given an increased intensity, something that it hasn't experienced before in order for it to adapt and decide to change. That being said the mind muscle connection in which you're focusing on the muscle and it's contraction is very important. Don't just utilize momentum.


In subsequent post we will go over the key factors