How to train the back muscles

In this article, I want to discuss how to train the back. We will discuss different exercises to address the different areas of the back, and how to build with and V taper.

When discussing exercises that target the back, there are two type of exercises that are mainly performed. They are pull downs, and rows. So, when we're discussing training the back, we will be discussing different ways to perform rows and pull downs.  Aside from rows and pull downs, however, there are also chin-ups and pull ups that can be performed to stimulate the back as well.

Now when addressing back training, most times we want to emphasize the width of the v-taper, as well as the overall musculature of the latissimus dorsi and rhomboids. Now as far as activation, most sources will say that the most ideal exercises for back training are always going to be pull ups and chin ups. When performing pull ups and chin ups make sure to use proper form bringing your chin over the bar and extending the lats fully on the bottom

Aside from pull-ups and chin-ups we have pull downs. Now this is mainly going to be performed on a lat pulldown machine, which typically you can find in any gym. Now of course, the lat pulldown machine will have various attachments. I always think it's a good practice to vary the different attachments. However, if you're looking to stimulate the width of your v-taper it's always good idea to grab a lat bar with a wide grip. Other ways of performing pull-downs are with a reverse grip, a narrow grip, or in some more advanced cases pull-downs to the back.

For overall thickness and musculature of the back, especially the upper back, rows tend to be the exercise of choice. Just like the pull downs, the rows come in a variety of different ways to perform. For instance, you can utilize a dumbbell to perform one arm dumbbell rows which will target the lats and the upper back. Bent over barbell rows tend to be a staple of most and that will overload and stimulate the upper back musculature in thickness.  Most gyms will also have variations of the row in the form of a t-bar row, or a seated row. Rows are very beneficial if you are looking to put on overall size and Mass to the back musculature.

Deadlifts are another exercise that a lot of gym-goers like to utilize. The deadlift, primarily is going to focus on the musculature of the lower back. If you choose to perform the deadlift in your program, make sure to use proper form as the exercise can easily injure your lower back.

So that is back training in a nutshell. We have listed various exercises utilized to target the back from different angles anatomically in regard to the back. Like any other muscle group, make sure you are varying the exercises, sets, reps, and that you are feeling the muscle contract for the full range of motion.