Personal Trainer burke,

Richard Moujaes





ACE CPT, Orthopedic Exercise Specialist
Adult/Child CPR/AED

Richard was born in Virginia and raised oversees in Lebanon. He moved back to Northern Virginia and attended high school in Annandale where he ran track and played basketball. Richard attended James Madison University where he obtained a Bachelors of Science with a concentration in biology and developed a strong background in human anatomy and physiology.

Richard has always been passionate about fitness and exercise. He started strength training at the age of fourteen, conditioning himself over the years into elite fitness levels. He also excels in many sports including soccer, basketball, football and tennis. Richard chose to pursue a career in personal training and became an American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer.

Richard has great experience working with clients with muscular imbalances as well as injuries particular to the back, knees and shoulders.  As an ACE Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, Richard designs exercise programs that incorporate appropriate progressions and strategies to improve movement, avoid injury and boost function.

Richard excels at motivating his clients to challenge themselves in order to get results as he brings a positive energy to every session and empathizes with them. He understands that everyone has different fitness goals and is proficient when it comes to designing exercise programs to fit the specific needs of each individual