Maria Phillips

Trainer Maria

As an overweight child, my favorite food was “seconds.” Being unhealthy and unhappy with my weight, I decided to make some drastic changes to my lifestyle through diet and exercise. Today, pursuing a career in the healthcare industry gives me a chance to give back and help change people’s lives the same way I have changed mine.

I have spent close to seven years as a personal trainer, creating individualized exercise programs for clients based on their unique needs and goals. Additionally, my final semester at the University of Maryland was spent as an intern for Adventist Healthcare. There, I was introduced to my first wave of health insurance experience. I was also lead intern on multiple community events, projects, and created and presented a series of wellbeing seminars for a group of underserved women.

After receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Community Health I began a career as a Health and Wellness coach. Every day I speak to dozens of people, using my personal knowledge, empathy, motivational interviewing, and understanding to collaboratively help individuals improve their overall wellbeing, one step at a time. In addition to having experience managing my personal clients, invoices, and scheduling as a personal trainer; as a health and wellbeing coach I now manage caseloads of over 300 members. I not only manage the members themselves, I must stay current on all program requirements, incentives, and benefits based on their health insurance provider and ASO group.

Managing large caseloads, health insurance experience, excellent interpersonal and communication skills, creating and presenting seminars, and leading projects is what separates me to other recent graduates in my field.