Great Exercises to Tone the Lower Body

 The following are the top ten exercises to tone the lower body:

1.) The Squat-we all hate it but it is the king of lower body exercises. Targets the quads, hamstrings, as well as the backside.

2.)Stiff Legged deadlifts-nothing beats this exercise in regards to increasing hamstring flexibility, as well as targeting the backside.

3)Walking Lunge-great exercise for toning the quads. Try taking longer, deeper strides to target not only the quads but the backside as well.

4)Calve raises-try calve raises to target the lower leg. Really targets the calves and gets a great "burn." 5)Leg extensions-great exercise for toning the quads. Increases muscular strength and endurance in the muscles surrounding the knee, preventing knee problems.

6)Donkey kicks-great exercise for the backside and quads.

7)Lying hamstring curls (prone curls)-great for the hamstrings.

8)front squats-great for tightening the quads.

9)adductions-great for tightening the outer thighs.

10)abductions-targets the inner thighs.

Ask your trainer about these great exercises for the lower body, and as always, train hard!!!


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