Losing weight safely


As we approach the holiday season, there is an increased emphasis on losing weight and being conscious of one's weight.  Maybe this is you, maybe you have made the New Year's resolutions, and maybe you have failed.  However this year is your year and this is how.


When it comes to weight loss, we must educate our self on the best practices.  Is very important to write out a detailed plan if you're looking to succeed.  First off we must look at caloric intake.  What amount of caloric intake is going to allow for you to be in a small deficit. What caloric intake is going to put you in a surplus thus have you gain weight.  This is a question that must be answered before you proceed.


Next we have to outline a work out plan. How much cardio are we going to do?  How much weight rating are we going to do?  After outlining both a nutritional and fitness plan, it's all just a matter of consistency and accountability. Find ways of keeping yourself accountable. If you have the means a personal trainer can be a great asset.  If not perhaps an online trainer or Forum could help give accountability.


if this is going to be the year you lose weight, remember, the important keys.  Accountability, detailed planning, the right diet and willpower are of the utmost importance.

This will be your year!