Top 4 exercises for the chest

As a personal trainer, one of the areas that clients most frequently like the train and develop is the chest or pectorals. So in this article we are going to dive into chest training. What are the best exercises for the chest? And what is the most optimal way to train and develop the chest?

When designing a program for the chest, we must first consider the anatomy of the chest. We are going to want to emphasize exercise that develop the upper chest, the lower chest, as well as the inner chest. First let's look at the upper chest.

To develop the upper chest, one must perform exercises on an inclined angle. Whether it is an incline barbell bench press, and incline dumbbell bench press, dumbbell fly Etc. To emphasize the upper chest you need to work on an incline angle. Now in my opinion, if you are looking to develop overall density and strengthen the upper chest, you are best served utilizing the incline barbell bench press. However, if you're looking to hit each fiber in an upper chest, I prefer dumbbell flies.

Next we have the lower chest. To emphasize lower chest you want to perform exercise either on a decline angle or on a flat bench. Again, just like the upper chest, you can utilize barbells or dumbbells or even cables for that matter. Favorite exercises for the lower chest include flat bench barbell bench press, flat bench dumbbell bench press, and decline barbell and dumbbell bench press.

Next, let's take a look at the inner chest. Exercises that emphasize the inner part of chest are exercises that are going to be performed bringing the palms to the midline of the body. Such exercises include pec dec machine flies, cable flies, or just normal dumbbell flies. In addition, close-grip bench press with a barbell will also emphasize the inner chest.

In closing, to develop the chest, we need to design a program around each part of the chest including the upper, the lower, and the inner chest. As always, make sure you are varying your angles, weights, wraps, and exercises. As always, if you have any questions were considerations feel free to reach us anytime at every body's personal trainer.