Top Three Keys to a Successful Exercise Program

As a personal trainer, I am often asked by current clients and prospective clients to list the keys to a successful exercise program. Now again, being a personal trainer for over 20 years, I have witnessed clients experience success with their exercise program and I have witnessed clients becoming very unsuccessful with their exercise program. So what separates the two? How can you be successful in your exercise program?

Key tip number 1 is consistency. One of the most major aspects of being successful in a fitness program is always going to be consistency. Your body thrives on consistency. As long as your workouts and your diet are done on a consistent basis weekend week out month and month out you'll see amazing results. Too many times clients will have a good week and then a bad week and had a good week and then a bad week which can throw the results off consistency is key.

Discipline key tip number 2. The next key to a successful program is discipline. Let's face it, our significant other, personal trainer, Etc. cannot be with us 24 hours a day. You're going to have weak moments where you don't feel like following your diet, and you don't feel like working out, but you have to have the discipline to do it. Being disciplined with your workouts, your diet, your rest, Etc. is going to lead to great results in your exercise program.

Key tip number 3 motivation. One of the most important aspects and traits that I see in clients that do well is motivation. Now motivation is best and most productive when it is intrinsic. What I mean is if the client is motivated for him or herself to achieve the goal rather than achieving the goal for somebody else they tend to be more successful. Those clients with the higher degree of motivation will always do well in the end. Motivation is what's going to get you to your workout, motivation is what's going to keep the bad food out of your mouth, and motivation is what's going to separate you from everybody else. As long as you can keep motivated you're going to be successful in your exercise program.

So in summation, the top three keys to an exercise program are consistency discipline and motivation. As long as you display these three characteristics I am sure that you will be successful in your fitness plan. As always, if you have any questions feel free to reach us at Every body's personal trainer.