Don't do this

In this article I would like to take some time to mention a few training tips that will help you not waste time while working out and achieving your goals. In all my years of personal training and working at gyms, I have seen so many mistakes. Let's take a look at a few of them and hopefully we can prevent you from making the same mistakes.

First off, stop over training. So many times, especially among the younger generation, you see gym-goers working out everyday day after day week after week month after month and not taking their days off. Remember, if your muscles are still broken down and not repaired, it will not progress. So make sure you're taking your off days.

Also stop training so heavy. How often do you see people throwing around weight and not using proper form? Probably all the time. Only use weight that you can handle in a nice slow controlled fashion for at least 8 repetitions. Check your ego at the door and work on building your physique not breaking down your physique.

Stop taking pre workouts. I have no idea what is going on with all of this pre-workout stuff. It seems everybody and their brother has to take a pre-workout to work out. These pre-workouts are filled with stimulants which is not a good idea when you're performing your workouts. Remember, when you work out, your heart rate and blood pressure go up anyhow, you take a pre-workout you're going to skyrocket it. So stay away from those pre workouts.

Do your cardio. How many times do you see those big, overly muscular guys in the gym, who do one set and huff and puff and they can't breathe. You have to do cardio. I don't care if you're trying to put on muscle, gain strength, or whatever, you have to do cardio. Remember this is about health.

Hopefully all of this information made sense, and you take it into consideration in your own health and wellness plan. Look for future articles with more tips, and as always wishing you the best of health.