Mickey’s Progress


2/12/18  (Feel out week)  A/27 pushups in a min

                                               B/35 situps in a min

                                               C/30 burpees at workout’s conclusion

                                               D/kettle bell work to assess upper body strength

                                               E/Wall sits, balls squats, and lunges to assess legs


2/14/18 (Feel out week)  A/began incorporating barbell movements for upper body.  Movements                                                                                                                                                                 

                                              B/kettle bell movements including curls, front raises, side laterals, swings.

                                              C/Upper abdominal movements

                                              D/Began incorporating stairs for aerobic element


2/16/18 (feel out week)   A/Leg raise/side leg raise/bicycle/donkey kick warmup X2

                                               B/Barbell/kettle bell movements for upper body ie bench press, military press, bicep curls, laterals, push press.

                                               C/More stairs because we love them so much J

                                               D/Cardio boxing

                                               E/31 burpees (you are a superhero)

2/17/18/ Cardio low intensity 30 min

*Feel out week means just that, getting to know fitness level, recovery rate, strength, etc.  It’s a low intensity, non number documented week.  Next week we increase intensity J