Mitziís Progression Chart


Day one 11/8/17: Assessment Day

    A/1.5 mile run.  Run took place via three laps around neighborhood street.

        Result: Time was 21.23.  First walk began at 2.20 in, and overall RPE (rate of perceived exertion) was a 7 out of 19

     B/Push-up test

        Result 18 pushups performed with fatigue setting in at 10.

     C/Sit up test

         Result: 16 situps w/ first stop at 10


Day two 11/10/17: Cardio/Legs/abs

   A/.5 mile run: 5:51 elapsed time, first walk 2:23

   B/Leg circuit 2X each circuit: Bw squatsXBall SquatsXLeg Raises (forward and side)XDonkey kicks

   C/ Ab circuit: crunchesXreverse crunchesXcombo crunchXBridgeX ball pass 2X through circuit

        Ab assessment on bridge:24 seconds first round, 30 second round

        Leg assessment: 13 and 14 bw  squats


Day three 11/13/17/ Upper body and Abs

 A/ 1 mile run: 10:24 elapsed time first walk 3:15

 B/ Upper body circuit: dumbbell front raises, laterals, curls, behind head tricep extensions.  No assessment just a wake up of the upper body w/ 10-12 pound dumbells.

C/ Ab routine of Ab circuit: crunchesXreverse crunchesXcombo crunchXBridgeX ball pass 2X through circuit.  Bridge time a bit lower due to less time rest in circuit.


Day four: 11/14/17: Cardio day

A/ .5 mile run: 4:42 elapsed time, first walk 3:20

B/ Cardio bodyweight circuit: jumping jacks, bicycle kicks, mountain climbers, and squat thrusts aka burpies.  2 rounds 30 second rest.  Assessment on burpees, round 1-5, round 2-6.

C/ Regular ab routine.  Notable: 37 seconds on bridge

Day Five: 11/18/17 Leg and ab day

 A/ 1 mile run: elapsed time: 10:07, first walk 3:45 (was able to complete first lap w/out walking for first time J

 B/ Legs: Bw squats/ball squats/wall sits/ 30 second interval

                Leg raise/side leg raise/donkeys/walking lunges 30 second interval

C/ Regular ab routine Bridge not assessed