Jaimieís Progress

2/12/18 (Feel out week) A/27 pushups in a min
B/35 situps in a min
C/30 burpees at workoutís conclusion
D/kettle bell work to assess upper body strength
E/Wall sits, balls squats, and lunges to assess legs

2/14/18 (Feel out week) A/began incorporating barbell movements for upper body. Movements including barbell bench press, incline barbell bench press, military press,.
B/kettle bell movements including curls, front raises, side laterals, swings.
C/Upper abdominal movements
D/Began incorporating stairs for aerobic element

2/16/18 (feel out week) A/Leg raise/side leg raise/bicycle/donkey kick warmup X2
B/Barbell/kettle bell movements for upper body ie bench press, military press, bicep curls, laterals, push press.
C/More stairs because we love them so much 
D/Cardio boxing
E/31 burpees (you are a superhero)
2/17/18/ Cardio low intensity 30 min
*Feel out week means just that, getting to know fitness level, recovery rate, strength, etc. Itís a low intensity, non number documented week. Next week we increase intensity 

2/19/18/ Upper body emphasis/cardio/ Feel out
A/barbell bench press/kettle bell curls/incline barbell bench press/kettle bell front raise/barbell curls/two arm kettle bell raises/
B/crunches/knee to elbow crunch/planks/X2

2/21/18 Lower body focus/cardio/feel out
A/warm up/leg raise/side leg raise/bicycles/donkey kicksX2
B/Ball Squats
C/Box step ups and core
D/Outdoor cardio ie drive way runs, suicides
E/32 burpees

2/23/18 upper body focus (all exercises pyramiding up in weight)
A/Barbell bench press/Kettle curls/incline barbell bench press/kettle front raises/barbell military press/two arm kettle bell swing/barbell curls/
B/Ab sequenceX2
C/Calve raises w/ bounceX2
D/stair walksX2
*No weekend cardio due to illness

2/28/18 upper body focus/outdoor cardio
A/Barbell bench press pyramiding up in weight/kettlebell curls, incline barbell bench press pyramid up/kettlebell front raise, barbell curls/two arm kettle bell swing, military press/kettle bell laterals, tricep pressdowns/3 sets/on cable machine
B/flat crunch/knee to elbow crunch/plank/X2
C/Stair runs w/ target hr of 160 bpm/4 sets
D/driveway runs w/ target hr of 160 bpm/3 sets
E/No burpees/guesses w/in 1 

3/2/18: lower body focus/cardio
A/warm up/leg raise/side raise/bicycles/X2
B/Step ups on block/target hr of 160 bpm/X3 sets
C/walking lunges
D/squats on chair
E/stair walksX2 (no burpees guessed number exact 
3/3/18 Cardio workout yayyy