The Most Effective Bicep Exercises

In this article entry we are going to discuss bicep training. I am going to give you my three favorite bicep exercises to develop the length and the mass as well as the strength of the biceps. Now remember, everybody is different. What works for me may not work for you. What works for you may not work for me. So let's just give these a try and see what you think

Exercise number one is going to be the granddaddy of them all the standing barbell curl. The standing barbell curl works the overall mass of the bicep as well as the length. When performing this exercise keep your elbows locked into your side. Do not swing your elbows up and do not bend your back forward. Keep strict form. Bring the weight up nice and controlled get a good squeeze at the top of motion then lower the weight slowly to emphasize that negative.

Exercise number two is the concentration dumbbell curl. While seated lay your elbow down on your mid thigh. Extend the arm all the way down and curl the weight all the way up getting a good squeeze at the top contraction. Lower the weight nice and slow on the way down to get that good negative and then repeat. Again, just like the barbell curl make sure not to have swing your elbows up and keep them that fixed motion.

Finally exercise number 3 is going to be the standing alternate bicep curl. While standing grab a dumbbell with a pronated wrist and curl up. As the dumbbell is coming up on the contraction phase of the exercise supinate your wrist at the top to get that good squeeze and overall contraction. Lower the weight nice and slow to emphasize that eccentric part of the motion and repeat.

I think that you will find these exercises are very effective. Again, with any body part the mind muscle connection is extremely important. Make sure you're squeezing the muscle on the concentric part of the exercise and getting a nice slow negative on the eccentric part of the exercise. As always change up order of exercises, reps, weight, etc.

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