The question is what are the advantages of weight lifting. Weight lifting, or resistance training is a form of anaerobic activity. The goal in weightlifting is typically to increase muscular strength and endurance as well as muscle hypertrophy or growth.

By performing weightlifting there are many advantages. For one you will be increasing muscle mass which in turn will increase overall strength. Additionally weight training will increase muscular endurance as well.

Other benefits of weight training include increasing bone mineral density which will prevent osteoporosis as you age. Another well-documented benefit of weight training use the increase in metabolism. In other words by increasing overall muscularity you will be burning more calories at rest. So ideally to create a more efficient fat burning machine you want to increase muscle and lose fat.

There are other psychological benefits of weight training as well. These include increased self-esteem, confidence, and self-concept. Weight training is also a great stress reducer and as a result of weight training there are many chemical changes within the body one of which being the release of testosterone, serotonin, Etc.